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6 Best MMO Games to Play This Year

No matter what your video game genre of choice is, there is an MMO that fits you perfectly. Space exploration, fantasy worlds, or 20th-century war battles are just some of the worlds you can explore within a Massively Multiplayer Game. Check out our whitelist of the best MMO games which are bound to shift you to intimidatingly huge universes:

best mmo games of 2016

Best Free MMO Games

World of Tanks

World of Tanks features fighting vehicles from early and mid-20th century like tanks, tank destroyers, or self-propelled guns. Players take control of an armored vehicle and are placed on a random active battlefield to move around, attack, defend, and communicate with teammates. The mechanics of the game can be considered flawless and very realistic with options like camouflage, ricocheting shells, or module damage.

best mmo games - world of tanks

World of Tanks is a freemium MMO with 6 game modes: random battles, team-training, tank-company, stronghold, and special battles. It’s considered one of the best MMO games due to its complexity and ease of play.

Star Trek Online

As a ship captain, you will be able to control engineering, tactical, or science systems on your starship. As a pedestrian, you can move around and acquire weaponry, combat skills, or specific support for your class. The fun part is, the two interlace as the gameplay progresses. the Star Trek universe is accurately represented in Star Trek Online: ship and player positioning and exploiting weaknesses are key elements to a successful mission.

With a wide variety of races to choose from, a smart race customization feature, crafting system, exploration missions, and many others, the featured-packed Star Trek Online is considered the best online MMORPG.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

More than 3,600 years before the events prefaced in the famous movie series, the Jedi retreated to Tython to seek the Force’s guidance after being blamed for the outcome of the Great Galactic War. The storyline is complex, just like the Star Wars series accustomed us. If you enjoy an ample lore and reading, this game will suit you best.

best mmo games - star wars old republic

What is remarkable about Star Wars: The Old Republic is the emphasis it puts on the difference between player’s faction and morality. Although belonging to the Darkside, a player can pursue the Galactic Republic’s interests, which are almost always different than Sith Empire’s plans. It definitely tops the list of best MMO games of 2012 and still is popular today.

Best MMO Games – Paid

Lord of the Rings Online

Based on The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Online makes good use of Tolkien’s characters and universe having NPCs and other entities that transpose players in the Middle Earth. The epic quest line, Lord of the Rings Online’s main storyline, is introduced to players as a series of books with chapters as quests.

Lord of the Rings Online is your typical MMO game unless we talk about magic implementation. In this universe, there are no player-controlled wizards. Players have active skills that need power to function and the few that behave as magic skills are based on lore. However, players can still obtain magic effects by using certain objects and artifacts.

EVE Online

21,000 years from now, after using up Earth’s resources and colonizing other planets in our galaxy, humanity still faces conflicts on resource use. The discovery of a wormhole to the uncharted “New Eden” galaxy brought hope for peace and prosperous life; Colonies were founded in New Eden and a gateway was built to stabilize the wormhole. However, things quickly turned sour for the new galaxy’s colonies when the wormhole collapsed, taking down the gate with it.

best mmo games - eve online

With no communication to their families or other colonies, only 5 societies managed to survive over the next millenniums in New Eden. A big part of humanity’s knowledge got lost over time, but ability of interstellar spaceflight shows promising futures for every one of the 5 surviving societies. EVE Online truly is a Massive Multiplayer Online game – actually, it’s in the top 3 best MMO games. With 7,800 star systems to explore at unreal speeds, it would still be impossible to explore the whole EVE universe.

World of Warcraft

The conflict between the Alliance and the Horde seems undying when, 4 years after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the tensions between the two factions rose again. Both groups aimed to conquer certain lands and regions owned by their counterpart. While looking for allies and trying to plan battles, the Alliance discovers an intruder has been ruling under disguise in their division.

Trying to discover the effects of Onyxia’s manipulations and mind control, heroes caused ancient malevolent creatures to emerge all over the world, endangering both Alliance and Horde heroes. 2 factions, 13 races, 12 classes, and 15 professions define millions of World of Warcraft players in what is considered a casual-friendly character progression system, which makes it one of the best MMO games.

So, what do you want to be? A soldier closing down on victory from a last-century’s tank? Maybe you want to follow your childhood dreams and become a spaceship captain or a character in Tolkien’s universe? Whichever you choose, make sure you tell us how it went or what your suggestion for the best MMO games list is using the comment section below.

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