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Best Prank Call Sites

Looking to have a good time with your friends and family? Need a good laugh? Try prank calling! It can be a fun way to tease people, and there are other ways around doing the simple star *67 before calling. There’s so many sites out there that you can use to make it so believable. Some are free and some you can upgrade to the premium version for more recordings and more fun!  Here are a few:


1.) PrankDial 

PrankDial is the #1 prank calling site on the web! You can check it out on the web or get the app downloaded right onto your phone! Through this, you can browse the popular prank calls that they have to offer.  You are allowed to use two free calls a day, anything other than costs money in the premium package. What’s neat about the premium calls is that is uses a sensor to begin talking and stop talking when the person on the other end talks and stops. Another thing to add is that if you use the premium calls, you have to use tokens, and it explains all of that on the site. Give it a look right here! Official PrankDial Site URL: Check it out Here!


2.) Wacky Prank Calls

Wacky Prank Call is  great site to use to prank people because it’s free! You can browse through all the funny and serious pre-recordings that they have to offer. One of the main differences with Wacky Prank Calls is that you have to type in the number 0905-105-0000 in order to play one of the prank calls. Once you get this number in, instructions will be given for you to follow along with and then you can hear the recording. This site is free and it’s safe because your number will be secured! Official Wacky Prank Calls Site URL: http://www.wackyprankcalls.com/


3.) Comedy Calls

Comedy Calls, is the place to look if you’re searching for hilarious prank call recordings. In order to have a  lot of fun with this site, you need to get call credits. You can easily do this by creating an account through the site. Of course you can opt to not purchase them, but they’re cheap and they won’t ever expire as long as you have your account. With the Premium package you can remove all ads, as well as ny mentioning of the site you are using. It makes it sound much more real. You can get from 5- 250 credits, and the price goes from $1-$20 and that’s not bad at all! This should be a definite look! Official Comedy Calls Site URL: See The Site Here!


4.) KDK Prank Calls


The KDK Prank Calling site has a huge selection of prank recordings. The only thing about this site is that there is a parental advisory warning so you should be cautious of using this around your children. This site is all free, so feel free to browse the selections that they offer. There’s over 150 videos, and prank calls to look at. There’s even a weekly show on the site that gives a live recording of a funny prank call. Give it a look! Official KDK Prank Calls Site URL: http://www.kdkprankcalls.com/


5.) Hoaxcall


Hoaxcall is different from other sites because it allows you to hear the recorded call in the browser that you are using. You have the ability to browse through the call options and then play it. You then can listen in on how your friend or whomever you call reacts to it. This site also lets you record it all so you can listen in on the whole thing! This site is completely free and unlimited, so you can use it to your advantage. This site is safe because Hoaxcall does not save your number or the number that you are calling. It also doesn’t allow anyone else to hear the call that you’re making. Give it a try for yourself! Official Hoaxcall Site URL: http://www.hoaxcall.com/

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