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Cloud Storage Providers FAQs

Cloud storage providers now seem to be popping out like flowers in spring. Every day there’s a new daisy in the garden that’s slightly different than all of the rest, but all in all still the same. So what are the best free cloud storage providers on the web? So many companies – and I’m talking big ones – have launched their creative tech efforts into endless competition to woo their customer bases that it’s hard to know which to use.

We’re going to try and answer that. Also, based on our technical know-how and on our software expertise, we’re also going to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding cloud storage providers and free cloud storage services in general.

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Ahem…What Is Cloud Storage?

The simplest question with the simplest answer. Basically, a cloud storage service provides you with virtual space on the company’s servers where you can keep important files. You can share these files with friends, access them from any computer anywhere, and give editing permissions to those friends that have the link. Pretty cool, eh?

Do I need cloud storage providers?

It depends. You could probably carry on your existence with fair ease, totally oblivious of the existence of cloud storage services. That being said, you should, at least, try one on for size. Who knows, maybe you’ll become addicted to storing your information up above in the clouds. We suggest you start with a basic and easy to use service such as Dropbox.

How to use cloud storage services?

Using a cloud storage service is a piece of cake. Most free cloud storage providers, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or iCloud Drive, create a folder on your computer where you can store all of your important files to be accessed anywhere at any time. If you don’t feel like downloading the provider’s software, worry not! Most also allow you to access your cloud online.

Can I use cloud storage on multiple devices?

Sure you can! That’s one of the main functionalities of cloud storage providers. This is where the cloud totally shines. Simply drag and drop your favorite books, for example, up to the cloud and voila! You will have them on your tablet, on your phone, and on your eBook reader. Your entire library at the touch of your fingers. Some free cloud storage providers like Google Drive also give you some really cool file readers such as the Google Play Books (not to be confused with Google Books).

Should I use multiple cloud storage services?

If you think you can handle the heat, knock yourself out! With multiple cloud storage services combined, you can reach incredible amounts of storage. Just be sure to keep a record of which file went where or you will get terribly confused. Speaking of which, I should probably do that as well. If you don’t want to end up like me, I suggest clearly separating one cloud for work files, one cloud for school files, and one cloud for personal files. That should do it!

Are there any cloud storage providers to avoid?

Not really, but we clearly do not recommend those cloud storage providers that do not offer support for mobile devices. I.e. they don’t give you a mobile app for your Android tablet, your iPhone, or for neither. This beats the purpose of the cloud. Some cloud storage offers will also be expensive without offering much in the process.

Are my photos going to get stolen from the iCloud?

No. That was a one-time incident that never happened again afterward. Apple has since fixed its security issues with the cloud. Even if they hadn’t fixed the (which would’ve been a disaster), you shouldn’t worry! It’s not any day hackers want to steal photos of your dog Fido and you at the beach. Actually, they would probably never want that. Unless you’re Charlie Sheen.

Should I subscribe to cloud storage providers?

That really depends on how much space you want online. If you’re planning on storing all of your photos online, then yes, you should. Amazon’s Cloud Drive even provides free unlimited storage for photos if you subscribe to their yearly plan. Other cloud providers such as Apple’s iCloud encompass services similar to Spotify which mix music from your cloud (unlimited) with music from your iTunes – smart!

Is cloud storage good for my start-up?

Yes! We can’t stress this enough! Having a company cloud for storing important files to be accessed by everyone is a must. Not only will it boost communication and reliability, but it will also give you a sense of security since you’re storing your important files on faraway servers that will not crash along with your employees’ computers. We suggest subscribing to a large plan to encompass the whole office.

Here’s a nice diagram showing how cloud storage providers actually work:

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Have you any other question about cloud storage providers? Feel free to ask us! Leave us a message or write in the comments section below! We promise to answer in a jiffy!

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