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11 Best Synology Apps in the Package Center

In its 16 years of activity, Synology revolutionized network attached storage systems and appliances. Synology apps exist ever since 2012 when the company realized how important convenience and ease of use is to its customers. By introducing mobile apps, Synology upgraded their users’ experience with secure connections, convenience, multimedia streaming, and instant access to data.

We want to note that, even though there are plenty of Synology 3rd party apps available on the web, most of them are aimed towards users with medium or extensive experience in using Linux and Synology products. In addition, most of them are open source – which is advantageous, until we think about how often they are likely to be updated or have maintenance performed on them.

synology apps for businesses

Therefore, here are the most useful Synology mobile apps developed by the Taiwanese company:

Best Official Synology Apps from the Package Center

These are best apps developed by Synology; Some of them work best hand in hand with others, while some can be used as a standalone product: 

DS Finder & Downloader Synology Apps

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
These 2 tools allow users to permanently control and monitor their DiskStation. The apps send push, SMS, or e-mail notifications when certain events take place and offer the ability to start up, turn off, update, or simply monitor the status of a DS. Another smart feature is their ability to determine the DS to make a sound, which can help users identify the DS in question.

Synology Apps for Photos

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows UAP
The most convenient feature of the Photo Synology App is its ability to instantly upload new photos to the NAS. From there, individual files or folders (Albums) can be viewed and shared with other users or devices. However, the smartest quality of the Photo Synology app is its timeline which makes it easy to search and find photos or simply view them in a chronologically organized manner.

Synology Apps for Surveillance Cams

Available for: Android, iOS
This app is an extension of the famous Synology service Surveillance Station. Users can take snapshots, watch multiple channels at the same time (up to 6 from an Android or iOS tablet), and even adjust the positioning and zoom of their surveillance cameras. Just like with the photos app, surveillance recordings are presented as a timeline. Another smart feature for business users is the app’s ability to follow a preset hierarchy among multiple users.

synology apps for DiskStation

DS Router Synology Apps

Available for: Android, iOS
Customers who own a Synology router can use the app as a personal network control center. Users can set up their router easily with this app or apply parental control filters. Other customizable options within this app can improve the overall experience when using the internet, like tuning the firewall settings or the maximum upload/download speeds.

Cloud & Files Synology Apps

Available for: Android, iOS
These 2 apps work together like no others. They are designed for business users who are on the run and work remotely most of the time. With these apps, users are able to instantly sync files and folders, control which files are synced, share files, or make annotations in files that can only be seen by permitted users.

MailPlus by Synology

Available for: Android, iOS
The MailPlus app and MailPlus server features lead to a secure and reliable e-mail connection directly from the Synology NAS. Customers can create up to 5 free MailPlus accounts which will show simple, yet efficient e-mail features like sorting, labeling, searching, or writing e-mail messages. The MailPlus server by Synology is a secure communications platform which smartly and efficiently filters spam messages based on score, domain, IP, customizable terms or phrases, and so on.

synology apps for productivity

Notes Synology Apps

Available for: Android, iOS
Using the Synology Note Station, the notes app enables users to collect, organize, edit, and delete notes. Unlike other notes apps, Synology’s syncs data on all devices including the Note Station. Its user-friendly interface features tags, different fonts and colors, tables, lists, or charts. Another aspect we liked about the Notes app is the ability to view attachments directly within the app, without actually downloading them.

Video Synology Apps

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows UAP
The DS Video Synology app allows users to stream their favorite movies, TV shows, or videos to smart TVs or directly on their mobile device. The app is compatible with Apple & Android TV, DLNA TVs, Chromecast6, Samsung TVs, Roku player, and Windows 10 devices. It streams video files located in a user’s DiskStation and makes use of the mobile device as a remote. Users can also download video files and watch them offline on their mobile device.

Audio Synology Apps

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

synology apps for music streaming

This app enables users to listen to music or audio files from their DS through AirPlay, DLNA, or Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The mobile device acts as a remote and also allows users to listen to their favorite audio files offline if they have been stored in its local memory beforehand.

For further assistance when installing or using mobile apps and their DiskStation counterparts, you can visit Synology’s mobile knowledgebase.

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