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Tesla Car Station Eco Friendly Car Wash Preview

Those of you who bought into Tesla Motors’ exciting vision of electric powered sports cars will be happy. Breaking news regarding Tesla car stations.

If you own an electric car, you know what a pain it can be to recharge your battery. Sure, ‘cutting the cord’ from fossil fuels feels liberating. But, electric cars have their own drawbacks. Namely, you don’t have that immediacy of being able to just stop by your local gas station, fill up, and be on your way. Even the newer Tesla supercharge stations (which cut charging times down to 30 minutes) still require a sizable investment of time.

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Tesla Car Station Eco Friendly Car Wash Preview

According to this Forbes article, Tesla Motors is set to change electric car charging by adding an eco-friendly car wash service to its Fremont factory in California’s bay area. The manufacturer will increase productivity by partnering with Eco Green Auto Clean for this limited run test program. According to our sources, Tesla is expected to offer this service on a subscription basis around $90 per month. If this exciting new service succeeds, you may begin seeing new Eco Green cleaning options at other supercharger stations throughout the state.

If you’re wondering how Eco Green provides high quality, eco-friendly cleaning, the answer is simple. They do so by using green, alternative products in their clean solution such as coconut oil. After everything is said and done, this solution only requires a single cup of water to wash your entire car. You can find out more about the company and its product by watching the video below or clicking here.

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