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The Best Tablet for Toddlers: Top 5 Options Reviewed

With so many entertainment and educational apps being made for toddlers, now is the time to get your little one their very own tablet. Studies have shown that introducing your child to technology at an early age can help with mind development and educational progress. Combined with the apps and games being designed to help develop motor skills and basic knowledge, it is almost a no-brainer to invest in a handheld device. However, with so many on the market, which is the best tablet for toddlers? Here are our top five picks.

5 Best Tablet For Toddlers

1. Fire Kids Edition

Fire Kids Edition, one of the best tablets for toddlers

This reliable tablet is made with kids in mind. With the same power and operating system as the grown-up version, the Fire Kids adds fun features and a durable design for little hands. Each of these tablets come with a two-year money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied or return the device either no questions asked.

With plenty of storage for all of their favorite games, apps, videos, music and other media, you can also use an SD memory card. This tablet has the full capability as the regular edition. This makes it perfect for parents that would like to use the tablet as well.

To make your purchase even sweeter, each Fire Kids tablet comes with two years free of Amazon Freetime, which will allow for even more access to entertainment. Make sure to add one of their affordable kid proof sleeve covers for added protection from drops and spills.

This model of tablet retails for around $99 and can be bought at most electronic stores and Amazon, Because of its affordability and durability, this could be the best tablet for toddlers.

2. Leapfrog Epic

Leapfrog Epic tablet

Leapfrog is a brand that is dedicated to creating interactive educational toys for children. The Leapfrog Epic is the perfect device for those little ones getting ready to gear up for preschool. It operates as an Android tablet, meaning that it has access to thousands of apps and is extremely easy to use.

This specific tablet comes with a chunky shell case that will save the day when your toddler inevitably drops it. It also comes with an attached stylus. Perfect for those children that love to color or draw.

The Leapfrog Epic is available at most retailers and Amazon for about $99, making it another affordable option and a competitor in the quest for the best tablet for toddlers.

3. Nabi Junior

Nabi Junior kids tablet

The Nabi Junior was created with your child’s education in mind. Access to age specific curriculum will make learning fun for toddlers. This tablet is unique because it gives the user access to video tutorials by actual teachers to give them lessons on subjects of your choosing.

The tablet is protected by a thick rubber case and makes it easy for little fingers to grip. Plus, this device is one of the cheaper options available. Retailing for around $60, this is a great starter tablet. The Nabi Junior is just one specific model from the Nabi line, which is specifically geared towards young children.

Like its competitors, the Nabi Junior is available at electronic retailers and Amazon.

4. Kurio Extreme 2

Kurio Extreme 2 tablet

The Kurio Extreme 2 is one of the most expensive tablets on the market for children. However, this Android powered tablet is one of a kind. For example, it offers a unique Internet filtering tool called the Kurio Genius. This allows parents to have peace of mind as their child surfs the web. Completely kid-friendly, this tablet holds up to the kid on the go.

The Kurio Extreme 2 was rated one of the best for parental controls and customization. It allows for eight different user profiles and is a favorite among parents that want complete control over their child’s tablet experience.

Available at major retailers and Amazon, the Kurio Extreme 2 retails for around $100.

5. Samsung Kids Tab

Samsung Kids Tab tablet

The Samsung Tab is one of the most popular tablets on the market and it’s for good reason. Reliable, durable and a huge selection of apps, make Samsung a great choice. Their kids version of the popular Tab device is another forerunner as the best tablet for toddlers.

This specific model has all the power of the traditional Tab with an added durable case to protect from falls. Don’t forget about the incredible parental controls and time limit settings for those parents looking to control screen time.

The Samsung Kids Tab is another slightly more expensive choice and retails for around $1250. However, this tablet should last your child a long time. It is available in stores selling Samsung products and you can also find it on Amazon.

With so many options on the market, it is easy for parents to wonder if they are choosing the best tablet for toddlers. However, these five are great options to help enrich you child’s mind and keep them entertained.

What kind of tablet does your child use? Let us know you favorite kid-friendly handheld device in the comments below! What would you consider the best tablet for toddlers?

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