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Top 5 Online Guitar Tuner Options Reviewed

An online guitar tuner is truly a (musical) life-saver. Tuning your guitar is one of the most important foundations for playing great music. Tuning ensures a guitarist can play along to popular music and it trains musicians ears to understand the sounds that come from specific notes and keys.

However, there are plenty of times in a guitarist’s life where there’s no access to a physical guitar tuner. Luckily, there are plenty of great tuners guitarists can access online. Here are the top 5 guitar tuners you can find online.

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Best 5 Online Guitar Tuner Options for Musicians

1. Gieson Interactive

Geison Interactive has taken the top spot overall due to its beautiful interface, and the fact that it’s incredibly easy to use. Geison provides some great options that most guitar tuners slack on. You can find a great list of alternate scales, an auto function that makes it easy for new guitarists to make sure a guitar is in tune, and it even supplies a nice guide about how to tune a guitar by ear.

The only cons to the tuner are that a guitarist doesn’t have any other option than to tune the guitar by ear, and that it might take a couple minutes for new users to get the hang of how to work the tuner. Other than that, this free online guitar tuner is pure gold.

2. JamPlay

JamPlay is a massive online community with thousands of lessons to learn how to play the guitar. One of the greatest parts about this website is its free online guitar tuner. For beginners, tuning a guitar by ear can be a hassle. Luckily, JamPlay has a digital guitar tuner that allows guitarists to tune their guitar from the computer or even through mobile. While you’re using the free guitar tuner on the website, you can browse through are a couple free lessons that the website provides new players. The tuner comes packaged next to a couple links that provide a free metronome and some great chord discovery.

A slight drawback to JamPlay is that the tuner isn’t as pretty as its competition. It may not have as many perks as the competition, but it certainly does the job for new guitarists looking for an easy way to tune their guitar. It’s recommended for a new guitarist to start off using the tune by ear option, and then to fine tune the tone further by using the digital tuner.

3. GetTuned

The guitar tuner over at Get-Tuned.com is probably the best online guitar tuner in terms of luxury and visual display. However, it takes the number three spot due to its synthesized tones, and the lack of a digital tuner. GetTuned has a wonderful display of standard, alternate, and even chromatic tunes. The tuner is laid out in beautiful colors to help more advanced guitarists to better understand the sounds. This nifty tuner has the coolest layout on the free market, and it even teaches guitarists how to tune their guitars through the 5th string and harmonics method. If a guitarist can tune to the unnatural tone by ear, this online guitar tuner will be a blessing.

4. Best Tuner Online

The best tuner online takes the number four slot because of its unique ability to use a waveform display. This allows guitarists to gauge how straight their guitars are and even gives beginners that ability to understand how their tuning shifts with different types of picking styles. While this isn’t anywhere close to the best guitar tuner available, it is the best of its kind. And if you can get past the awkward interface, it’s a fun tuner to use. It lacks on perks, but it’s fun in its own right.

5. Fender’s Online Guitar Tuner

Fender took a shot at the online guitar tuner market and they hit a home run with the design. They even have a video below the tuner explaining how to tune electric and acoustic guitars and offer an elegant interface. This guitar tuner dipped in the rankings because some users have reported problems with using the drop down menus. Nonetheless, the guitar tuner broke the top 5 because it’s beautifully crafted and nestled into some rare knowledge. The tuner is a part of Fender’s online university which offers a lot of great videos for guitar enthusiasts around the globe.

These 5 online guitar tuners are great options for guitarists that are looking to find great resources for tuning a guitar online. These effective tuners are great replacements for those who don’t have a tuner of their own or don’t have immediate access to a tuner.

Some of these tuners have great communities and fantastic knowledge to take guitar skills to the next level. Every guitarist is different so try these great options out and see what works best!

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