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Free Screenwriting Software – 5 of the Best for You

Those of you with experience in screenwriting or who aspire to become a famous screenwriter someday know the struggle of finding a good and free screenwriting software. While some of the paid versions are loaded with features that can be useful, but most of the time a simple software that does one thing well is needed.

If the Microsoft Word templates are not really your type, here are some suggestions you can try out at no cost, no matter if you are the sole writer or you have a whole team to develop a screenplay or script.

a script written with a free screenwriting software

Free Screenwriting Software for One

The following suggestions only allow one user to write and edit a script. Unlike the ones you will find in the following section which are dedicated to screenwriting teams, these free screenwriting software tools serve lone writers better since this is their primary function.

Adobe Story

In Adobe story, you can choose between a TV, AV, multicolumn, documentary, or pitch a script to obtain the most suitable format for your idea. In addition, every option comes with a handful of templates. The free version is available for one screenwriter and makes use of Adobe Creative Cloud to make your scripts available to you anywhere, anytime.

sample projects by Adobe Story, a free screenwriting software

This piece of free screenwriting software is a reliable solution for aspiring screenwriters who work on their own. The tool is permanently updated and improved for a better writing experience. if you enjoy other Adobe products and need a solid writing software for your scripts, you can’t go wrong with choosing Adobe Story.


If you like simplicity in design, Trelby is the best free screenwriting software for you. It’s highly customizable and accepts multiple file extensions, including files created with other screenwriting software products like Adobe Story or Celtx, which we’ll talk about soon.

a sample project from trelby, a free screenwriting software

Trelby features a series of useful tools and auto-editing options like pagination, auto-complete for certain words, and its own spellchecker. It can be used on multiple platforms and operating systems and offers accurate reporting and comparing different versions of the same script.

However, what we liked the most about Trelby is its characters’ names database, which comes with over 200,000 names from every corner of the Earth. Of course, you can input your own name ideas if you already got that part figured out – but most of the time, it is extremely useful.

Free Screenwriting Software for a Team

The following can be used by independent screenwriters, but are meant for screenwriting teams which need a reliable management system for their ideas and input.


WriterDuet’s free version is a screenwriting solution that offers professional formatting and an intuitive revision tracking system. It’s specifically designed for screenwriter teams and offers easy collaboration with basically no extra communication required.

a short demo of writerduet, a team free screenwriting software

Although a web-based solution, WriterDuet is a powerful screenwriting tool that will leave you in awe with the quality of your final product. In addition, the free version also offers an e-book on the basics of screenwriting and 50% off for an 8-week screenwriting course – which can be a must for beginners.


Celtx is the best-looking free screenwriting software (and more!) you can get. It aims to improve the experience of individual or team writers and offers detailed visual breakdowns of the writing process, progress tracking, and writing habits of every contributor.

the main functions of the free screenwriting software celtx

You can import scripts for further editing or just for storing all of them in the same place, and you can also add annotations to pages or specific segments of your script. If you want to try out their professional plan, you can sign up for a free trial for 15 days. These include (but are not limited to) budget management, cost reports, a planner, and a client approval system.


This in-browser free screenwriting tool is best suited for writers who are always on the run and need a simple script editor that can be accessed from multiple devices without actually installing anything. If you choose to mark your project private – which we recommend if you want to profit from screenwriting – you can control who views and edits the script. This means not even the website’s creators and administrators have access to a private project.

how plotbot free screenwriting software looks

The database is backed up daily to ensure every word and comma are saved. However, the best part is every screenplay has a built-in copyright statement that can be customized by you, the creator of the project. Every invited member has to agree to this statement before joining your writers team.

In addition, Plotbot’s smart saving and storing system allows you to check any changes and revert them if they are not up to your expectations. This allows simultaneous writing and voting on which parts are suited for your script idea, and which need to go or be changed. If you are serious about screenwriting, Plotbot is definitely the best option for you.

Well, these were the facts on the best free screenwriting software programs and tools on the web. You can now decide which one suits you best, based on your needs and expectations. However, we guarantee that none of our suggestions will disappoint.

Links to the free screenwriting software programs and tools in this article:

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