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Top 5 Online Selling Sites Like eBay

Online selling sites like eBay give potential buyers and sellers a quick, discreet way to acquire goods and make money. Although eBay is arguably the most popular, it isn’t the only option. Many similar sites are cheaper than eBay and just as efficient. Here are the top five. We chose them for their user-friendly interfaces and industry-specific focuses, and we arranged them by most to least monthly visits.

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5. Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular online selling sites like eBay. Its popularity amounts to a built-in audience and an established reputation that gives you access to an established online marketplace. Attracting roughly 23 million visitors monthly, Etsy provides direct sales only.

You can sell retail and wholesale on eBay, but both entail certain restrictions in terms of what you can sell, covered in their guidelines. Etsy focuses on handmade, vintage and crafts suppies.

Any Charges?

Like eBay, Etsy charges a listing fee, but it’s a mere 20 cents per item. Etsy boasts an easy fixed pricing model that is simple and straightforward, yielding a 3.5 percent commission on every sale for Etsy.

4. Bonanza

Bonanza is an international online seller, hosting sellers and buyers from around the world. Roughly 8.5 million prospective shoppers visit Bonanza.com every single month. Based in Washington and growing steadily every day, Bonanza features close to 25 million items for sale on any given day.

Any Charges?

Each item you list on Bonanza automatically receives simultaneous listings on Bing Shopping and Google at no extra cost. You also have the option of exploiting exposure on Nextag and Pricegrabber.

Like Etsy, Bonanza takes a 3.5 percent commission on every sale. The market is fixed-price. Bonanza’s ratio of shoppers to sellers is approximately 1,300 to one, so as a seller you stand a strong chance of making money quickly. Bonanza is suited to a wide assortment of general sales, including everything from used luxury items to Bieber perfume.

3. Storenvy

Of all the online selling sites like eBay, Storenvy is arguably the most similar. Storenvy enables you to build a virtual marketplace in a timely manner. This dynamic seller site gears itself at emerging brands and is best for sellers who identify as indie. The site currently features some 55,000 brands that attract nearly 1.3 million monthly visitors.

Storenvy is also a social media platform where both customers and sellers can interact with each others. As a merchant you can “watch,” “follow” and “envy” other merchants’ wares. You also can curate your own collections, both shareable and private.

Any Charges?

Storenvy offers two platforms: Open a custom online store or a social marketplace. You can sign up using your Facebook account. Custom online stores are completely free, and you can tweak the look and feel of your store using a feature-heavy admin panel.

Thus far, Storenvy tends to attract nonprofits, artists and craftspeople, bands and clothing companies. However, the platform is open to anyone who has anything to sell. There are no monthly listing fees, and the bounce rate is fairly low.

2. iOffer

You can sell just about anything on iOffer, from gently worn hand-me-downs to vintage videos on VHS. To its credit, iOffer has more relaxed seller’s guidelines in comparison with other online selling sites like eBay.

iOffer is highly receptive to sellers who have items that might not sell anywhere else (Cabbage Patch Kids lunch boxes or 80s tween magazines, for example). Recurring customers love iOffer’s sheer variety, which consists of about 100 million unique items.

Boasting 500,000 visitors monthly, iOffer enjoys one of the lowest bounce rates among all online selling sites like eBay. Visitors also tend to spend a long time browsing sellers and items, according to marketplace statistics.

Any Charges?

If you have sidewalk or garage sale items that are in respectable condition, iOffer is perhaps the selling site for you. There are no fees to list your items, and iOffer has some of the lowest fees per sale.

1. ArtFire

ArtFire is aptly named, providing an online community and marketplace for artists, craftspeople and makers. The company calls the Tucson Arts District its home, and its online hub welcomes close to 292 thousand visitors each month.

ArtFire partners with Maker House, a curated assortment of home items and handcrafted furniture by local artists. The entire site is much more aligned to the vintage/crafts/made-from-scratch movement, so it’s perhaps not the best place for selling used media, hardware or secondhand housewares.

Any Charges?

Similar to Storenvy, you open your own virtual store on ArtFire.com to sell your wares. Choose between Standard, Popular or Feature shop levels for as little as $5 monthly. Use built-in promotional tools, such as your own ArtFire blog or curated collections, and treat yourself to live U.S.- based tech support.

Summing Up

With easy setup, low listing fees, low site commissions, free advertising/marketing platforms and competitive seller-to-buyer ratios, you can open your store today and make a little money within hours.

If you have further recommendations regarding online selling site like eBay that aren’t mentioned here, we’d love to hear about them.

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