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10 Sites Like Reddit That You Will Love

Finding sites like Reddit isn’t impossible, you have to know where to look. Of course, there are no sites exactly like Reddit. That’s what makes it so popular. However, if you have a specific niche or group you’re looking for, there are plenty of alternatives available. Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sites like Reddit. We’ll discuss who they are and what they offer, but first, let’s address what Reddit is.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is arguably one of the most popular places online to find news surrounding what’s happening in today’s world. It’s a place where news is frequently updated, and boasts itself as a place where information is readily available.

There are a wide variety of categories on Reddit. Whether you’re searching for technology, inventions, or entertainment, you’ll more than likely be able to find it on Reddit. One popular portion of the Reddit community is its AMAs with celebrities.

AMAs, or Ask Me Anything, are sessions with well-known personalities who answer questions thrown at them by the participating Reddit audience. It is a large part of what drives Reddit’s massive popularity.

One key feature that many people like about Reddit is the anonymity that it provides. It allows people to have free discussions on hundreds of topics. On the Reddit platform, you are free to talk about and express your views on anything that interests you.

Sites Like Reddit

Reddit has begun to wane in popularity, so users are looking to different sites like Reddit which allow similar discussions and opportunities for communication. Listed below are ten sites like Reddit that you will love. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


Red quora logo on white background
Image via quora.com

Quora is one of the best questions and answers sites like Reddit. This Q&A site is a great place to invest time online. It has attracted many veterans in a variety of fields who don’t mind answering a few questions for free. The site is chock full of pros who are at the pinnacle of their industry.

You’ll find actual value in the time you spend on Quora in the quality of the answers provided. A significant number of experienced people gather together on Quora to provide insight, feedback, and accurate responses to challenging questions. In addition, Quora’s voting system ensures that only the most relevant and well-addressed answers are at the top. This saves you the time from having to scroll down through all the answers and try to determine which one is the best.

Quora offers excellent content and engaging conversation through its Yahoo Answers-type platform. If you’re looking for a good place to have questions answered, or to answer a few of your own, Quora is a place where you’ll find value. You might also discover that the more time you invest on the site, the more you learn.


PopURLs is another popular site like Reddit that helps aggregate the top news from some of the world’s most popular and visited sites. PopURL focuses on providing information surrounding current events, and things that are going on across the globe. With PopURL you can check trending headlines with your phone or laptop, all through the convenience of one site.

At first glance, the website can seem a little overwhelming since there is so much content on the front page, but it’s not. Once you create your account, sign in, and begin customizing your feed to suit your interests, it won’t seem quite so daunting. Select information to your liking so the content you want to see will show up on top, and then you can hide sources that hold no interest to you.


Voat.co is another site like Reddit that users are beginning to move toward. It only takes one quick glance at this site for visitors to realize that many of the designs and ideas are borrowed directly from a site like Reddit. It’s effectively a mirror image of the popular website, with a few unique twists implemented by Voat.

For instance, instead of Subreddits, Voat offers Subverses. Outside of a few changes in terminology, however, the site looks pretty much like a copy and paste from Reddit. If you like Reddit, you should check it out.


StumbleUpon is a site like Reddit that tries to predict what you are searching for online. This social service site is primarily a discovery engine that provides recommendations for websites based on preferences you select. You choose a few subjects like tech, design, or entertainment, and the engine learns what you like and offers exciting content.

The sheer amount of information you “stumble upon” initially might be a little intimidating, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll discover just how fun it is. Before long, you’ll find just how much you enjoy finding and exploring a variety of websites through StumbleUpon. You can use this engine to see a lot of sites you would never find on your own. Each time you start a search, you never know what you’re going to find. You’ll be sent on a fantastic voyage through lesser-known websites. StumbleUpon is without a doubt one of the best sites like Reddit available.

Hacker News

If you’re looking for a site like Reddit that provides the latest in startup and hacking news, then look no further than the aptly named Hacker News. This site is the perfect site for those who enjoy technology and hacking. At Hacker News, there is no shortage of news that a user would find useful, ranging from startup information to the latest hacker article.

You won’t find much satire or humor on the Hacker News site, mostly because the web page is dedicated to provided articles focused on the tech startup and hacking. What you will find is a welcoming community looking to discuss all things hacker related, along with a site like Reddit that provides plenty of information.


Black newsvine logo on white background
Image via newsvine.com

Similar to Voat.co, NewsVine is a site like Reddit dedicated to keeping up with the current and trending news. NewsVine is an aggregator, collecting news articles and allowing its users to comment and vote on the most read or most popular selections.

If you’re looking for a place to do some writing, NewsVine might be a good option, as they’ll publish your articles if they’re good enough. Should you be lucky enough to have an article published, you’ll get plenty of exposure, as the number of visitors to the site on a daily basis number in the tens of thousands.

Typically, the articles you’ll find on NewsVine are self-constrained, so you aren’t forced to go to a different site to read the article. However, if you want to visit the initial site of content publication, you can use the “Seed” feature on the page.


SlashDot is an excellent site like Reddit for those that are more interested in the “geek” culture. This site offers the most recent technology news available, so if you’re interested in tech at all, you should make SlashDot a daily visit.

The beauty of SlashDot is that it makes it very easy for you to get the news you’re interested in reading. At just a single site you have all your technology news from hundreds of different pages on the internet. SlashDot lets its users participate through discussions and comments about each story.


Mashable is one of the most popular sites like Reddit which provides a myriad of information in one location. You can get your gadget, technology, and social media news all in one place when you visit Mashable. Additionally, you might find articles that discuss online videos, web developing, entertainment, gaming, and more.

You’ll discover that Mashable also provides a great site for marketing and resource tools if you need something along those lines. Simply put, Mashable is a page which allows you to find information surrounding news, technology, innovation, and a variety of other subjects.

However, unlike Reddit, a new user isn’t likely to get too overwhelmed on their first visit. The site is clean and easy to navigate for someone who has never visited the site before. Mashable produces a significant amount of content, but make it easy to filter and search for content, so users are able to find what they’re looking for on the site.

Additionally, if you’re an entrepreneur, Mashable is a great resource for finding information for startups and new business owners. The site includes a “Must Read” section which aggregates all the most popular content for easy access. With more than 40 million site views every month, it’s easy to see why Mashable is a site like Reddit you’ll love.


Round Digg logo - black letters on silver icon
Image CC0, by Maklay62, via Pixabay

Digg is a cool site that brings together the best of the internet and puts it right on its homepage. The articles receiving the most-votes are what you are likely to see when you navigate to the site. Some users prefer Digg over Reddit because its UI is cleaner and neater. Digg doesn’t have a lot of clutter and is easy for new users to navigate.

While Digg may not be the most popular site like Reddit on this list, it still does a great job of providing content that users want to see and read. It’s a great site to make your primary source for tending news and current events, so if you’re looking for a good Reddit alternative, Digg might be what you need.


BuzzFeed is a great place to kill some time, which is why it makes the cut for sites like Reddit that you will love. You’ll find articles that range anywhere from funny memes to healthy living. BuzzFeed also has articles that discuss things like social media, animals, food, and entertainment. It also has current and trending news articles, which lets you stay up to date on what’s going on in the world.

You’ll soon discover that BuzzFeed updates its site regularly with new posts. That helps keep users engaged and interested in the available content. Just be warned though, that it’s easy to look up at the clock and discover you’ve killed a good chunk of your day.

Options Abound

As you can see from the list above, there is no shortage of sites like Reddit available online. Whether you’re searching for a technical walkthrough guide, the latest entertainment gossip, or current trending news, you’re sure to find it from one of these sites. All of these sites like Reddit can come in very handy if you’re looking for a solid Reddit alternative.

While all of these options may not provide the sense of community and belonging that Reddit offers, they are all viable alternatives worth checking out. You might be surprised by how much these sites provide. So take time some and play around with these sites. It’s true Reddit is still the measuring stick against which these other sites rate themselves, but that doesn’t mean any of the above sites couldn’t give it a run for its money.


Featured image: CC0, by bruce mars, via Pexels

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