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5 Sites Like Mint to Manage Your Finances Better

Mint is one of the most popular finance sites, but some people haven’t found it suitable for their needs. One common complaint people have about Mint is its lack of features for investments. Some of the sites listed below offer better support for managing your investments. We have ranked the top five sites like Mint based on quality and user reviews.

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital finance website

Personal Capital is one of the best sites like Mint that is free to use. The site provides financial tools that help you track and manage your finances. They also have registered financial advisors you can seek advice from. You can develop a personalized investment strategy with Personal Capital. Other features include tax loss harvesting, fully customizable portfolios, full financial planning, and free 401k fund selection advice. They have an app you can download on iOS and Android devices as well.

Website: PersonalCapital.com.
Price: Free.


YNAB app features

YNAB, standing for You Need a Budget, helps you gain control of your money by combining four simple rules with easy software. You can pay off your debt, stop living to paycheck to paycheck, and save more money with YNAB. To use the site, you must pay a yearly membership fee of $50. You can try the site free for 34 days before committing to a membership. YNAB has a money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your membership at any point.

The finance site holds live workshops every day that you can attend to master budgeting. YNAB is one of the best sites like Mint that goes beyond what’s expected in a budgeting app. Android and iPhone users can access YNAB through a mobile app when they’re away from a computer.

Website: YouNeedaBudget.com.
Price: $4.19 per month.

3. LearnVest

LearnVest financial management

LearnVest is one of the top sites like Mint that offers more features than Mint. It has better support for investors. The site allows you to manually enter your transactions if you don’t want to link your bank accounts. You can set detailed goals and track your progress with LearnVest. The site has a lot of educational material in the form of articles, classes, and online tools. You can consult a financial advisor on the site whenever you’re in need of expert help as well.

LearnVest is more expensive than the other sites on this list. They charge a $299 one-time setup fee and $19 per month ongoing support fee. You can choose to pay in two or three smaller payments. LearnVest provides an iOS app, but it doesn’t provide access to all features. Many users have given the iOS app poor ratings as well.

Website: LearnVest.com.
Price: $299 one-time + $19 per month ongoing support.

4. Power Wallet

Power Wallet, one of the best sites like Mint

Power Wallet helps you set budgets and goals and monitor your spending. The site can send bill reminders to help you make payments on time. Power Wallet compiles all of your financial accounts in one place, making it easier for you to monitor your finances. When it’s easier to monitor your finances, you’re more likely to stick with it. Power Wallet’s money management system helps you find areas you can cut back on when needed.

It’s safe to use Power Wallet because they are a read only site. No one would be able to transfer funds from your accounts on the site. They also use Comodo and Comodo WebInspector, some of the top monitoring systems, to safeguard your information. Power Wallet doesn’t have a mobile app available yet but is currently developing an app for Android and iOS devices.

Website: PowerWallet.com.
Price: Free.

5. CountAbout

CountAbout finance managment

CountAbout can import data from Mint and Quicken for keeping track of your finances. You can set up running register balances and customize categories. The site can automatically sync data from your financial accounts, including investment and retirement accounts. Thousands of financial institutions are supported. To protect your information, CountAbout uses multi-factor login.

The site is accessible through mobile apps on Android and iOS devices. You can view graphs on your income and spending, a helpful feature for giving you a visual representation of your finances. CountAbout offers a free 15-day trial in which you can try out the premium features. They have two payment plans: basic and premium. A basic membership is $9.99 per year and premium is $39.99 per year.

Website: CountAbout.com.
Price: $9.99 per year for basic membership; $39.99 per year for premium membership.

Summing Up

There are several sites like Mint that you can use to manage your finances better. If you’ve found Mint wasn’t working for you, it’s worth trying one of the above sites. Although they’re similar to Mint, each one is different. Consider which one best meets your needs and style.

Have you tried any of the sites listed above? Let us know your experiences and recommendations below.

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