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Top 7 free antivirus apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in 2014

Mobile devices are just like little computers as it requires same level of protection to secure your data but over the years, Apple users think antivirus apps are pointless for iOS as they believe that it’s highly secured than any other platforms (android, windows etc). In fact, Apple has sentenced that their device doesn’t require any antivirus programs due to the way that iOS works. But a recent study proves that there is some cracks in Apple’s security. Still many people argue that there is no way for malware to enter in an iOS device because all the Apps in Apple’s app store are thoroughly checked before it is added. However, it is true that this highly secured iOS devices still vulnerable to hackers. Whenever you synchronize the data with PC, your device acts as a gateway for malicious programs and bring some major issues to your PC. So it is highly recommended to install the best antivirus app in your iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Note: We have listed some paid antivirus programs along with this list.

The antivirus app keeps you safe from web so there is no chance for malware to infect your files. There are numerous antivirus apps available for iOS so we have listed the top 7 free antivirus apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod in 2014. Even though antivirus for iPhone or iPad is not much important as compared to android and windows OS but if you’re conscious about securing your data then you should install any one antivirus program from our list.

Best antivirus apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod 2014

#7 best antivirus for iPhone & for other iOS devices: Antivirus Detective

Paid app: $0.99

iPhone antivirus app
It is an ideal antivirus app that detects malware using decision tree. This decision tree provides a systematic yes/no process flow for users to deal with the suspicious programs. The suspected threats can be removed using simple downloadable tools. If these tools don’t work, the decision tree offers free resource links to determine whether the suspected files do have any malicious behavior. Overall, it’s one of the best antivirus apps with clean interface.

#6 Best antivirus software for iPad &iPhone 2014: Sophos Mobile Control

Free app

best antivirus app for iPhone
Sophos Mobile Control offers seamless virus protection for your iPhone and iPad. This antivirus app has the ability to provide live updates on any threats that may affect your device. In order to protect your device from malicious apps and from other threats this app is integrated into your mobile control console. This antivirus app automatically scans all newly installed apps for malware and even it protects users from malicious websites.

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#5 Trend Micro safe surfing: Antivirus for iPhone & iPad 

Free app

free antivirus for iPhone
The name itself shows that it protects you from malicious threats while surfing the web on your iOS device. The cloud based database alerts you when you visit suspicious websites contains malware and also it warns you while visiting websites that gets your personal data. It holds several features that include password encryption, remote lock and lots more to protect your iPhone, iPod and other iOS device. Finally, it’s a finest iPhone antivirus app that offers extra security and costs nothing.

#4 best iPad virus protection app: McAfee


Free app

virus protection app for iPad
McAfee WaveSecure is intelligent antivirus software for iPad/iPhone that alerts you if it detects any threats on your iDevice. This app offers backup facility for securing the data from malware. In fact, it even detects the infected web-files while browsing and protects your device from malware. The free version holds minimum features, if you upgrade to premium version then you will get full protection for your device.

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#3 best free antivirus app for iPad/iPhone 2014: Lookout mobile security

Free app

free antivirus for iPad
It is one of the popular iPad antivirus software that not only secures your personal files but also it helps to find your lost iDevice.  Even if your device is on silent mode this app turns sound back on while tracing. It blocks malicious websites while browsing the web. Using this app you can back-up all your important data on your phone so you don’t have to worry about loss of personal data. This app is available on both iOS and android platforms and moreover it is available for free of cost. Apart from these features, you can remotely lock your phone that helps to protect your personal data.

#2 Norton antivirus for iPhone and iPad

Free app

best free antivirus app for iPhone
Norton offers great security for your iPhone and iPad from various threats and device loss. With the help of “remote locate feature” (like navigation app) you can quickly find your lost device. Like other iPad antivirus apps, this one also provides effective web security and storage protection. It completely checks all the installed apps in your iDevice for malware and if it detects any threat it automatically removes before it causes any issues. To protect your personal files from data loss, this app allows you to backup your important files like contacts, card number etc. Overall, it is an ideal antivirus app for iPad and iPhone.

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#1 Best antivirus app for iPhone and iPad in 2014: VirusBarrier

Paid app: $0.99

best antivirus for iPad
VirusBarrier is the best antivirus app for iDevice with loads of powerful features. It easily detects and removes the harmful viruses before it harms your iPhone or iPod. Using on-demand scanner you can scan any files in your device and even you can scan e-mail attachments or a file from remote location such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. It provides great web security i.e. It alerts when it detects any web threats and malware hosting while browsing. This app has the ability to scan ZIP archives for spyware, adware, Trojan and lots more. Finally, if you’re looking for best iPhone antivirus app then it’s the best choice.

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