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Top 5 Sites Like Swappa for Selling Your Old Devices

Swappa is a great website that is designed to connect buyers and sellers. However, you may be wondering if there are other sites like Swappa that you can explore as well. When you are searching for websites like Swappa, these are some great options to consider.

Many people love to recoup some value out of their devices rather than simply storing them away in a closet to gather dust. On the other hand, many other people would find considerable value in purchasing devices that are gently used because they may be priced more affordably than the new options on the market.

1. Gazelle

Gazelle buy and sell online program

When you are looking for sites like Swappa to sell your old smartphones and other technological devices to, Gazelle is a wonderful option to consider. With a closer look at what this site offers, you may decide that it is right for you.


Gazelle offers cash for quality used merchandise, so you do not have to feel obligated to purchase a replacement product through this website. The company sends you a box to ship your electronics in to keep them safe while they are in transit. You also do not have to wait for your items to sell to get cash. All products that are sold by Gazelle are certified, and this means that you make a purchase with confidence. There is even a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Some products are listed online for sale, but they are currently sold out. At first glance, this makes it appear as though the available selection is larger than it actually is.

2. uSell

uSell, one of the most popular sites like Swappa

If you are interested in selling your old iPhone, Samsung phone or other type of smartphone and turning it into a pile of cash, uSell may be the right resource for you to use. Before you use this as one of the top sites like Swappa, you should learn more about its pros and cons.


This online cell phone buyer offers great rates on used smartphones. They accept any make and model of phone, including everything from Apple and Samsung products to ZTE, Nokia and others. The company will accept any quality of device, including those that are severely damaged, and a reasonable cash offer will be provided to you.
You can get an instant offer through the website to quickly learn how much money you can receive if you sell your smartphone.


This company only accepts cell phones. They do not offer cash for any additional technological devices, and they also are not a provider that you can use to purchase used devices.

3. Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In program for selling old devices

If you prefer to use sites like Swappa that have a more well-known reputation, Amazon is the perfect option to consider.


With the Amazon trade-in program, you can get a quote for the value of your product through the website, and you can receive an Amazon gift card as credit as soon as you ship the product to Amazon. With the gift card, you can purchase a wide range of merchandise through Amazon.


Unfortunately, this is not a great option to consider if you want to get cash for your technology. You can only use the credit to purchase Amazon products. Furthermore, Amazon may adjust the value of the gift card after they receive and inspect the item.

4. Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy Trade-In website for selling old devices

Another more well-known option to consider is to trade your products in through Best Buy. With Best Buy’s program, you can easily get a quote for the value of your merchandise online.


The Best Buy trade-in program is designed to be easy to use. After you have received your online quote, you can print out a mailing label and ship the product to Best Buy on their dime. You will receive a gift card for Best Buy store credit within 10 days.


Some people may not enjoy the gift card payment option. After all, while Amazon has an extensive range of merchandise, Best Buy’s product selection is much more limited. Furthermore, having to wait almost two weeks to receive the gift card may not be ideal.

5. Nextworth

Nextworth, a popular site like Swappa

Nextworth is an increasingly popular option to consider when you are looking for sites like Swappa. This site offers several options, making it well-suited for many individuals to consider.


You can get a value quote for your product online through the website, and you can choose to ship the product to Nextworth or take it to your nearest Target store immediately. The opportunity to get an immediate return can be beneficial. You also can choose to receive a check in the mail, a Paypal credit or Target gift card.


The only payment option you can choose if you take the product to Target for immediate payment is the Target gift card. Otherwise, if you want a check or a Paypal credit, it may take more than 10 days for Nextworth to process the transaction.

Summing Up

While there are many sites like Swappa to consider, you can see that each has its pros and cons. Examine all your options and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Have you had any personal experiences with these or other sites? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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