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Top 10 Social Networking Sites 2014 – check out the list

As all we know, internet has made the world smaller, brings the information at your fingertips. In fact, we can access more opinions than before. It’s common to see people asking someone to share something on Facebook (well-know social network giant), even people get the breaking news through twitter on phone. Currently, people realizes the power of social networking sites and utilizes this for marketing their business.

[UPDATED May 2014]

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In fact, we human beings are social creatures and therefore, we decided to share our ideas and express our feelings through social networking websites. Along with the top social networking sites some social forums are also hanging and climbing to the nearest phase. However, everyone has heard about most popular social networking sites so far.  But 2014 would be another great part brings us very powerful features to capture their standard visitors. Although they bring many new features, their main motive is to bring a realistic world without any flaws. If you don’t know which social networking website dominates higher in 2014, the top ten social networking sites list is followed by.

Top ten social networking sites 2014 – Reviews

#1 Top 10 social networking sites – Facebook

Facebook is known by almost every internet users. It is a global social network with hundreds and millions of users. At present, it holds more than 1.15 billion+ users from all over the world. Facebook is considered as one of the powerful social networking websites as for now. If you want to be part of a community, just check for your interested community and hit “LIKE”. However, you need to be at least 13 years of age in order to create a personal account in Facebook.

Social networking facts

  • In fact, there are more than 10 million Facebook apps are developed
  • 75% of the marketers believe that Facebook as the potential marketing tool for establishing their business

#2 Top 10 social networking sites – Twitter

Without twitter it’s hard to present the most popular social networking sites. It is very simple service that rapidly becomes one of the best social networking website. It’s like micro blogging websites; you’re allowed to post short messages (about 140 char) to your followers instantly.

Social networking facts

  • More than 60% of the user accesses Twitter via mobile phones
  • Approximately, 25 million user accounts are bogus

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#3 Top 10 social networking sites – LinkedIn

If you’re searching for business class top social networking sites LinkedIn is the best choice to go with. In fact, it is more popular among most of the business class people around the globe.

Social networking facts

  • There are 15 million groups in LinkedIn
  • 50% of users update their profile regularly

#4 Top 10 social networking sites – MySpace

MySpace reserves in the top ten social networking sites because it is not as normal social networking websites, it even lets you to share your own blogs and so on. It is launched in 2003 and still drives huge crowd to their website.

Social networking facts

  • Myspace was developed by former employee of  Friendster (pioneer of social networking websites )

#5 Top 10 social networking sites – Pinterest

Pinterest is one among the best social networking sites with interesting virtual pinboard, where you can create, share and manage your collections in particular topic. If you’re interested in some post, you can repin that in order to include that in your pinboard.

Social networking facts

  • 70% of Pinterest users are Female
  • Surprisingly, only 6% of the users have connected their Facebook Account with Pinterest

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#6 Top 10 social networking sites – Google+

Google+ was launched in the year 2011 and grabbed its position in most popular social networking sites quickly with its extreme features. G+ has bought several social connectivity services in single platform, which makes G+ as most powerful social networking site.

Social networking facts

  • G+ holds more than 67% of male users
  • There are more than 343 million active users on G+

#7 Top 10 social networking sites – Instagram

Yet another one of the most popular social networking sites of 2014 is Instagram. It was founded on 2013, which allows the users to share their photos with different digital effects.

Social networking facts

  • You see, there are more than 5 million photos uploaded every day
  • Every second 8000+ users like someone’s photo

#8 Top 10 social networking sites – DeviantArt

If you’re a creative person and want to share your creativity to this world then DevianArt is the best platform to explore your creative skills. This social networking site allows the users to share their creative arts such as photography skills, sculptures, sketches and digital arts with their friends.

Social networking facts

  • First social networking website created only to share your creative skills

#9 Top 10 social networking sites – Friendster

It is impossible to prepare the top ten social networking sites of 2014 without Friendster because it’s the pioneer of social networking sites (since 2002). In this site, you can play variety of games with your friends and have fun.

Social networking facts

  • Root cause for the theme “social networking website”

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#10 Top 10 social networking sites – Tagged

This social networking site (Tagged) lets the user to play games and share their scores through online. It uses Digsby and WeGaming meggaging application to keep the users connected with your mates via gaming and chat.

Social networking facts

  • Only website focused to engage people who are interested with gaming

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