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20+ best Websites for Teenagers to spend Time Happily

I guess you’re over-bored so that you’ve landed in this page, what else you can do to prevail this situation? Don’t Worry here we’ve listed some best websites for teenagers and it’ll never fail to entertain you. If you want to overcome your boredom then try these following cool websites.

[UPDATED May 2014]

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Following are the best websites for Teenagers where you can spend your time happily.

Best websites for Teenagers

#1 Wee World [www.weeworld.com]

It is listed under fun websites for teenagers, which lets teens to create minuscule avatars called WeeMess and interact in WeeWorld community.

#2 Teen Ink [www.teenink.com]

You can literally identify many good websites for teenagers where you can learn something new. While listing the Good websites, it is impossible to forget Teen Ink. This is a magazine website by teens for teens. Here you can write stories and share your works. For every work, you can gain rating from other teenagers.

#3 Quibblo [www.quibblo.com]

Another teenager community, which helps to moves along with your interests such as news, games, shopping etc.  Here you can find survey section, it assist you to deal with your school works and other jobs.

#4 Teen Central [www.teencentral.net]

This cool website is featured with teen Stories, teen headlines and teen help line wizards. This is one of the best websites for teenagers out there.  This site helps teen to work on their issues safely by concerning anonymous suggestions.

#5 Channel One [www.channelone.com]

It is a most informative website for teenagers. It not only keeps you updated with the international news but also helps you in discovering some interesting stuffs such as movie reviews, musical video etc.

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Following are some cool websites for Teenagers. Take a look at that too.

Cool websites for Teenagers

#6 Obon [www.myobon.com]

I would like to list this site under cool websites for teenagers because it is somewhat different compared to other sites.

#7 Habbo Hotel [www.habbo.com]

Habbo Hotel is a place for teens where they come and chat. In fact, each teen receives a personal room with virtual objects in it. In this virtual world, you are allowed to explore your interests and play games with other teens.

#8 Young Composers [youngcomposers.com]

This website is completely dedicated to young composers where teens are allowed to share their musical compositions. This is one of the cool websites for teenagers to establish their talent.

#9 Fan La La [www.fanlala.com]

If you’re interested in teen celebrities, TV shows, music etc then this is the site you have to stick in. Browse photos, videos and latest news about teen celebrities.

#10 Teen Nick [www.teennick.com]

You can identify lots of fun websites for teenagers but Teen Nick is little bit different to those websites. If you became a fan on some communities on Teen Nick then you’ll be informed the latest games, as well as shows, quizzes and videos through Teen Nick website.

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Fun websites for Teenagers

#11 Fun Sites Shopping Mall [www.funsites.com/sh-shopping-center.html]

Of course, all teenagers like to have a fun shopping experience but when moves towards Real-time shopping, its kidda boring one. If you really need a fun easy click shopping, then ride inside this website.

If you’re really looking for some fun websites then consider this fun websites for teenagers list

#12 It Gets Better [www.itgetsbetter.org]

This site belongs to Youth Media Network and it allows the teen to submit their media projects. Those media project spreads through this website and gains feedback. This is an interesting way to know your skills in several areas.

#13 Teen Starts Online [www.teenstarsonline.com]

If you’re addicted to hear Hollywood Gossips and news about teen stars then Teen Stars Online provides everything you want. It is recognized as the family friendly site so anyone can gain access to browse this site. In fact, teens can interact with each other and even they can set up their own page. This is why it is listed as fun websites for teenagers

#14 Mu Alpha Theta [www.mualphatheta.org]

This site completely focuses on fun Math practices. Teens interested in Fun Math to discover a solution then Mu Alpha Theta is the place with greatest challenges

#15 The Student Center [www.student.com]

This is the world where teens are allowed to interact with other through quizzes and forums and get suggestions on everything. Here the teens can start a journal and provide reviews and ratings on their work.

It’s time to see some Good websites for teenagers

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Good websites for Teenagers 

#16 Teens Health [kidshealth.org/teen]

This website covers almost everything related to teen’s health. It approaches the teen health in non clinical way and also helps to handle emotional issues of the teen. The separate categories help the teens to navigate easily through the website. By analyzing the site reputation it comes under good websites for teenagers  

#17 Quiz Hub [quizhub.com/quiz/quizhub.cfm]

If you’re looking for some featured quiz for sharpen your mind, Quiz Hub is the best website for that. Here teens can take quizzes in several niches such as history, math, biology etc.

#18 Science News [www.sciencenewsforkids.org]

I guess most of the teens are interested in science and science related topics. This website is completely designed for those teens. In fact, Science News covers space, physics, fossils, weather, environment and lost more things. If you ran out of science project ideas then visit this site to know some extraordinary stuffs.

#19 Cincinnati Childrens [www.cincinnatichildrens.org]

This website completely focuses on Health issues of adolescents. In fact, their mission is to provide a secure environment for teens where they can ask questions and find reliable solutions in some subjects.

#20 Quint Careers [www.quintcareers.com/teens.html]

Teens who are seeking for jobs and college platforms, Quint Careers are the best platform for them. By concerning this vast opportunities for teenagers, it’s is brought and listed on good websites for teenagers

I hope this post is very informative for teenagers who’re seeking for some versatile websites to spend their times on. All comments are appreciable and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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