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Best Messaging App for Android – White List Updated

Even though the default Android apps for messaging are convenient and pretty speedy, they cannot compete with the apps that can be found in the Google Play Store. The best messaging app for Android can be found there. These are developed by third-party companies that specialize in user friendliness and feature all kinds of perks, from group messaging to high security.

If you’re in search of the best messaging app for Android, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered the best apps for texting of 2016 in order to update our former “Top best Texting Apps for Android” article, which can be found here.

best messaging app for android in 2016

Best Texting Apps for Android

Google Messenger

Although pretty basic in the features department, Google Messenger is considered by many the best Android texting app, and there’s no wonder about that: it’s very easy to use, has a pleasant design, and offers everything that casual texters need. It’s a lightweight app, great for devices that don’t have a lot of memory and offers useful features like message search, blocking, audio messages, archiving, or location sharing. You can also send emojis or stickers, which can be an asset to some.

Many consider Google Messenger the best messaging app for Android. Although great, there are many free apps that surpass its capabilities, but we do acknowledge that considering its size and light nature, it is the best Android SMS app for those who are not keen on texting.

Price: Free

Chomp SMS

One of the oldest Android SMS app, Chomp SMS kept its standards high even from the beginning. Today, it is one of the most intuitive app for sending and receiving messages. Being among the few that let users stop a text from sending after they mistakenly tapped the “Send” button, we have to praise the guys over at Delicious Inc. for thinking about those absent-minded moments that could wreak havoc on our lives.

Chomp also features a modern design and little convenient qualities like being able to reply straight from the notification, group messaging, or SMS blocking, making it the best messaging app for Android to many reliable reviewers.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available

Signal Private Messenger

By far the best texting app for Android if you are worried about intruders snooping around your conversations. It uses an intelligent encryption system for SMS and even for voice chat. Even though your conversation partner should also have this app in order to fully benefit from this feature, the app has no issues in sending messages to someone who uses another messaging app.

Not much to say otherwise about Signal Private Messenger: it works great, it’s intuitive, and offers common features that users might enjoy. However, another appreciated quirk of Signal is its swiftness and usability.

Price: Free

best messaging app for android privacy and security


Although available for Windows phones and iPhones, MySMS works best and offers the most in its Android version. It’s actually similar in a way with your typical Gmail interface, but this is a plus since it’s much easier to navigate through your texts. However, it does require your interlocutor to also have the app in order to send an SMS, or to spend in-app credits.

But the most popular feature of MySMS is the ability to send messages from your desktop or laptop, which makes it the best messaging app for Android to many users.

Price: Free, in-app purchases


The convenience of using Hoverchat goes beyond listening to a song on YouTube without interruptions while texting. It also has an “anti-NSA” encryption that many users might find useful, emojis, and other fancy traits. Hoverchat works by simply popping up boxes that you can drag around the screen and chat from without interrupting any of the background processes, which is the reason why so many consider it the best Android texting app.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Textra SMS

Among products that show compatibility with Android Wear, Textra is the best text app for Android. It offers floating notifications and pop-ups from which you can quickly reply, multimedia support, and a wide range of signature options which make it great for business users.

It’s highly customizable with dozens of themes and color choices for conversation partners in order to easily differentiate them, and even the alerts can be individualized for each and every one of your interlocutors.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Best Messaging App for Android


Although not revolutionary, Evolve SMS combines a set of features to make texting easy and comfortable and is, in our opinion, the best messaging app for Android. Very customizable with themes and color choices, Evolve SMS is comfortable to use and is loaded with all kinds of features, from being able to use it from desktop through Pushbullet to multimedia messages (that includes GIFs).

Navigation among messages is easy and it’s also compatible with Android smartwatches, so we have to declare Evolve SMS the best SMS app for Android.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

These are it. The best messaging apps for Android of 2016 in terms of security, usability, user-friendliness, customization, and occupied memory. If you feel like your default messaging app doesn’t fulfill your everyday needs, try these out and tell us your thoughts. Happy texting! 😉

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