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Top 4 Best Beat Making Software for Musical Creation

Dr Drum, one of the best beat making software

What should you look for in the best beat making software? First, strong production capabilities will be the chief factor, but the less experienced users should seek out software that offers ease of use. You also want a large loop library and a wide selection of virtual instruments. If you have experience in the music industry, the best beat making …

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What’s the Best Tablet for Reading? Top 6 Options

Kindle Voyage e-book reader

Reading is still an enjoyable and important activity for many people across the globe. Therefore, e-readers and tablets are a hot commodity for birthday and holiday gifts as well as personal items. A consumer looks for certain elements in a new reading tablet. Some of those elements are price, screen size, operating system, special features, additional accessories and consumer reviews. …

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What’s the Best Tablet for College? Top Five Options

Samsung Google Nexus 10

College is an exciting time when the student will be making strong efforts to show independence, intelligence, and reliability. Therefore, the college student will need to have products and gadgets that help increase productivity. A tablet is a college student’s best friend during every semester. It can be a lifeline because it can provide the person with a way to …

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XBMC for Android: Can it Replace your TV Subscription?

browsing through the available live channels of xbmc for android

XBMC for Android is an open-source media player for smartphones, tablets, mini PCs, memory sticks, or set-top boxes that use Android as their operating system. Therefore, the software is free. You can use it on a number of compatible devices to playback video and audio files from all over the web. Here are the most important features and how-to’s of …

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DirecTV vs Dish: Which is More Reliable?

So, you want high-quality audio and picture display and decided to go with satellite television. The next crossroad you bump into is DirecTV vs Dish. Both have national coverage and have services in the same price ranges. Here are the main points on each company, which we’ll elaborate a bit later on: Pros of Dish: Best balance between the number …

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Vivino App Review – Should You Trust It?

vivino app logo

Launched in 2011, the Vivino app is a wine scanner that is available for Android and iOS users. In the 5 years of activity, Vivino increased their user base and wine database becoming the most used wine scanner app for casual consumers. Vivino App Review How accurate is the Vivino wine scanner app? The answer is, surprisingly accurate. Its almost …

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Tesla Car Station Eco Friendly Car Wash Preview

Tesla Car

Those of you who bought into Tesla Motors’ exciting vision of electric powered sports cars will be happy. Breaking news regarding Tesla car stations. If you own an electric car, you know what a pain it can be to recharge your battery. Sure, ‘cutting the cord’ from fossil fuels feels liberating. But, electric cars have their own drawbacks. Namely, you don’t …

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Bypass iCloud Activation Lock – Can it Really be Done?

an iphone locked with iCloud Activation Lock

So you purchased a second-hand iOS device and the owner forgot to disable the iCloud Activation Lock. Or maybe you found one and see no reason to return it because, as we know since early childhood, finders keepers. What can you do about it? In short, you can’t do much – not in 2016, not anymore. Before going to the …

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Backblaze Review – What Makes It Different?

Backblaze review - logo

Backblaze is a cloud solution for OS X and Windows that uses its software and web application to backup files. Launched in 2007, it has become a popular backup solution for individuals and businesses alike. Considering this, we decided to see what it’s about and create a Backblaze review. Backblaze Review – an In-Depth Analysis Backblaze is a good example …

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4+ of the Best Free Antivirus Softwares

Computer through a keyhole

Searching for the best free antivirus software can be a difficult task nowadays. It’s also one of the most important things you can do to protect your laptop or PC and yourself from malware, malicious sites, phishing or other threats that may appear while browsing the internet. If you are not tech savvy, you can definitely get lost among the tens of …

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