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What the Cricket Wireless Reviews Are Saying

We know you’ve been asking and we’re here to the rescue: what are the Cricket Wireless reviews saying? Well, first of all, they’re saying nice things about the new contender on the market of prepaid wireless providers. However, there are a few bad sides to Cricket wireless deals as well. So, we’ve decided to make our own Cricket Wireless review: what is the company doing that’s good and what’s it doing that’s bad.

Right now, Cricket Wireless presents itself as a very reasonable alternative to the traditional US carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Just why that is so is a subject of endless debate. Some say the deals are better. Others argue that you get more freedom out of a prepaid carrier. Others still say that Cricket is a prepaid wireless provider with deals very similar to subscription deals. Find out who’s right in the article below!

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PROs & CONs of Cricket Wireless Reviews

For the sake of structure, we’ve grouped the advantages and disadvantages mentioned by Cricket Wireless reviews into a list of pros and cons. This way, we can see the exact differences between Cricket Wireless and other companies, no matter whether these differences are good or bad.

  • PRO: No contracts. It’s true: when you get a deal with Cricket Wireless, you don’t have to sign a two-year agreement deal. All you have to do is buy their plan and then pay its price every month. What’s the difference from a subscription plan? No paperwork and you get pretty much the same deals.
  • CON: No phone deals. Switching to Cricket means bringing your own phone or buying a completely new one from Cricket Wireless. The Cricket Wireless reviews specify that there are no discounts for the Cricket phones.
  • PRO: No locked phones. Yes, you heard us right. Because there are no contracts involved when you sign up for this particular network, your phone will remain unlocked. This means that you can switch back to another network and still keep the device without paying the monthly wireless fee.
  • CON: Limited selection of phones. It’s totally different from what other companies have to offer. First of all, there are very few flagship phones available from Cricket Wireless. Reviews on Cricket Wireless say that midtier phones are largely unavailable with Cricket, flagships are practically extinct. The only category of phones that seem to be doing better is the budget one.
  • PRO: You can bring your phones from other wireless providers. Because of the new laws regulating wireless GSM networks, they are required to unlock your phone upon request once your contract is over or if you decide to leave. Then you can bring your phone to Cricket and simply enter a prepaid GSM Sim into it.
  • CON: No used phones or early upgrade plans. With other networks such as Verizon, you have plans that can make sure you upgrade to the new iPhone easily and without much hassle. Because there are no contracts, Cricket Wireless can’t do that and it also can’t sell you any used phones.
  • PRO: You can bring your AT&T phone without a problem. Because Cricket Wireless was bought by and now is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T, the devices that are locked on AT&T will work just fine with Cricket sim cards in them. If yours won’t (depending on the age of the phone/sim card), you can ask AT&T for service changing your plan to the prepaid network. Cricket wireless reviews state that AT&T should help you do this for free.
  • CON: No unlimited 4G LTE. To those looking for a wireless carrier with unlimited 4G strength, this one isn’t for you. While Cricket Wireless plans offer as much as 10 GBs of 4G traffic, a lot of those wishing to switch do want This isn’t 2010 where you could limit internet traffic for your users and get away with it – sorry Cricket Wireless.
  • PRO: Well-put-together network. While, in the past, Cricket Wireless may not have been that great with nation-wide coverage plans, today, it’s really great. Why? Well, mostly on account of its purchase by AT&T. Along with that deal, Cricket Wireless reviews say, the GSM network also inherited the nationwide coverage of AT&T.
  • CON: It’s still pretty expensive. A basic plan (with 2.5 GBs of 4G LTE) goes for $40 per month. The 5 GBs plan is $50 while the 10 GBs one we’ve already mentioned costs $60 per month. While that may seem cheap, remember that European carriers are far cheaper. If you’re wondering why this is so: it’s complicated. Cricket Wireless reviews mostly mention the lack of competition and of government regulations that would encourage it.

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Cricket Wireless Reviews Conclusions

Is switching to Cricket Wireless worth it? Well, we’ll let you decide that one. What we can say for certain is that it’s a really good deal for those of you who already have an unlocked phone and don’t want the bustle of contracts and monthly payment agreements. However, if you’re still not decided, we recommend you look at other Cricket Wireless reviews before making up your mind.

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