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Google Music Hits Customers With Last-Minute Offers

"Google Music Hits Customers With Last-Minute Offers"
You’ll be able to download content and listen to radio for one dollar.

Haven’t decided yet what to buy for Christmas or just tired of rummaging through stores for a perfect gift? Whatever the case may be, Google may yet hold the solution to your Christmas-related issues. Google Music hits customers with last-minute offers, showcasing that you don’t have to be elaborate this Christmas in order to make someone happy.

According to Google, if you’re by chance a music aficionado and a belated Christmas gift wanderer, you’ll be finally able to put that wanderlust aside because they have quite a surprise in store for you.

You can now leisurely peruse through 35 million songs, download your favorite ones for offline listening sessions and watch ad-free music clips for only 1 dollar. But that’s not all! Google Music also declared that by paying the one-dollar subscription free you’ll be entitled to a 3-month music subscription plan.

Google Music hits customers with last-minute offers and the one-dollar bargain is just one of many fish in the ocean of solid Christmas offers. Yesterday, Google Music announced that they will bang up their Christmas offer.

So, aside for the one-buck 3-month subscription plan, you will also be entitled to a 50 percent discount when it comes to buying whole albums. Moreover, if you’re also into movie rental, rest assured because Google has your back covered. You will be able to get a 75 percent discount in renting movies from the site. The offer will be available until the 4th of January.

Music has other services which use can use in order to get the best out of you mobile jukebox. Google offer a curated radio service, featuring virtually any musical style which you can think off. Moreover, you will also have the possibility of skipping from the available radio playlists.

As expected, this offer is pretty limited, in terms of time frame and location. According to Google, only certain countries will be able to access this offer. Both the platform and the songs can be accessed through different platforms, including Android and iOs.

Now, let’s talk turkey. Probably the question on everybody’s lips right now is what happens once the one-dollar subscription ends? Well, after that happens, you will be faced with a rather simple choice. You can continue to download content and peruse Google Music’s media library if you pay the $9.99 subscription fee.

But Google Music also has a family offer. According to their site, a family of six persons is capable of buying a monthly subscription for $14.99.

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