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Harmonix Wipes Clean Leaderboards

"Harmonix Wipes Clean Leaderboards "
Players will be able to use local saves in order to keep their songs.

Ever wonder what’s it like to be a true rockstar? Well, not you can stop thinking and start acting like one. Rock Band 4 is the ultimate dream-come-true machine, a game where you can literally form your own rock band and compete against other players. But not everyone plays fair. Harmonix wipes clean leaderboards after discovering unloyal competition among players.

There is nothing wrong with being competitive, as long as we play nice and keep away from cheating. Sadly, Harmonix, Rock Band’s creator, has discovered that many players took advantage of a game bug in order to climb up in rank.

You’re probably thinking that there’s nothing wrong in taking advantage of someone’s mistake. I think we can all admit doing so countless times when we played single-player PC games. But this is completely different.

Imagine rocking your brains out in an intense head-to-head and heart-to-heart solo guitar duel. By continually mashing that controller and executing all the right moves, you’ll probably think that you’re nemesis hasn’t a ghost of a chance against your flawless performance.

And when the scoreboard rolls in, to your very surprise, you’ll discover that your nemesis managed to get all the fame and glory even though his performance was poor.

Well, it would seem that Harmonix managed to root out the problem and took the appropriate measures in order to counter high-score exploitation.

And so, the dev team officially announced that they will look into every nook and cranny, in order to eliminate the gaming bug. So, where does this leave us? Songs, gameplay, high-scores and difficulty levels, all of these will be under work until the dev team can sort things out.

Unfortunately for those who earned their place among the stars fare and square, their high-scores will also be wiped clean from the leaderboard.

But, as a little incentive, or rather as an amendment towards their disgruntled fans, Harmonix announced that they are working on new clothing for the characters and. They’ve also declared that the game will receive additional modes.

And that’s not all. Harmonix also decided to make it up to its fans by introducing new songs into their playlist. Thus, players will now be able to play 8 new songs from U2, including Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Pride, Desire, Vertigo, One, California, Where the Streets Have No Name and The Miracle.

If, by chance, you have any more questions regarding Harmonix’s decision or you’re simply interested in their games, you can always visit the game’s official website.

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