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12 Sites Like Etsy – Amazing Alternatives for Marketplaces

There are many sites like Etsy, mainly because niches are always developing, and a direct peer-to-peer type of relationship between manufacturer and customer is a commercial ideal that has existed ever since humanity has invented trade. In compiling this list, we have stayed away from ubiquitous platforms like Amazon and e-Bay, concentrating instead on platforms that specifically address manufacturers of handmade goods. Here is our White List of sites like Etsy.

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Top Sites like Etsy

1. Aftcra.com

Advertises its business as “by Americans, for Americans”. It is a website that stands out due to its user-friendliness, clear-cut categories and search options that put the user directly in touch with vendors from his/her area. Every time a major change is supposed to be implemented, the personnel that operates aftcra.com launches a site-wide debate in order to receive relevant feedback from those who are actually affected by them. Only open to hand-made products made by craftsmen based in the US.

2. Ziibra.com

Is hell-bent on converting compulsive window shoppers into generous customers. This platform is part-e-commerce website, part-social networking site because the artists and artisans present on the site have their own profile and history for all to see. They are encouraged to constantly extend and develop their profiles, so as to create a storyline, thus improving relationships with customers and devising a sense of community. Great for seeking commissions and personalized artwork.

3. Artfire.com

Is another website that focuses on the constant improvement of the relationship between the artisans and the customers. Well, that’s putting it mildly! If you are a customer with sophisticated needs, the platform contains a “wanted” section where you can describe the desired object and someone should be willing to satisfy your desire. It is a truly engaging platform, with forums and podcasts meant to deepen the understanding of various crafts. It is one of the most stylish sites like Etsy.

artfire.com - a site like etsy

4. Zibbet.com

Populates the market due to its policy of charging the lowest possible amount from those who advertise their products on the platform. Zibbet gives newcomers a chance of getting noticed by not charging basic accounts, surviving on a steady monthly fee on prime accounts. The platform also stresses the fact that independent manufacturers of handmade products only may operate on it, thus keeping in line with Etsy’s initial ideals.

5. Bigcartel.com

Addresses customers that desire exquisitely crafted products, with an according price tag. In order to attract those who want their creative business to have an alternative outlet, “bigcartel” has a pricing scheme with four different fixed types of planning (what value of product and how many products you can sell in a given month) as their sole method of generating revenue.

6. Yokaboo.com

Is a site like Etsy that is UK-based and boasts the simplest interface on the face of the earth for purposes of e-commerce. There are three different membership plans: a free level that only allows the vendor to advertise six products, a paid (the equivalent of 25$) option for 50 products and so on. There are also “blog” and “FAQ” sections in order to master “yokaboo”.

7. Bonanza.com

Is partly an aggregator of offers from other sites, such as eBay and Etsy – and particularizing them through a construct of different promotions, coupons and other special offers; and partly their own platform that has three different membership plans (with the criterion being percentages on price thresholds of $100, more than $100 and more than $500).

8. Supermarkethq.com

Could be seen as a virtual club, due to the fact that a seller must first apply to “supermarkethq” before opening a virtual shop. The broad categories are sometimes confusing because there are only three of them: “gifts under $50”, “gifts under $100” and “jewelry”; though the addition of others is pending. The platform takes a percentage of sales made.

9. CraftIsArt.com

Started as a jewelry-selling platform, but has transformed over the years, coming of age as an almost universal marketplace that deals in everything connected to craft. Recently, it has added categories for vintage products and fine art pieces.

10. Storenvy.com

Provides free listings, charging only for premiums. The caveat to this great deal, however, is the aggressive advertising that comes from the many sister-businesses storenvy.com has. It’s got loads of categories and it truly is a community, with several shops having as many as 100k+ followers on the platform.

storenvy.com - a site like etsy

11. DaWanda.com

Is a German e-commerce platform, thus, it is mainly for the European market, and nevertheless, in recent months, traffic from the US has skyrocketed. Shipping and payments for America are available, so one could keep an eye on this growing website. Its “gift detective” feature allows users to interact in search for that elusive tip for the perfect gift.

12. RebelsMarket.com

Addresses those fascinated by countercultures and subcultures – advertising itself as the world’s biggest alternative marketplace. Like supermarkethq.com, this platform screens potential sellers as it desires top-notch originality in keeping with its reputation. That being said, I don’t know how that can be achieved 100 % because it doesn’t limit itself to handcrafted items.

As it usually is with economy and society, Etsy has shown the way and sites like Etsy have built a road and populated it with many facilities that cater to many niches. What platform do you think can be added to our list?

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