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9 Sites Like Fingerhut that Let You Buy Now, Pay Later

Websites Similar to Fingerhut

Fingerhut has a wide selection of items you can buy now pay later for. But it may not always have what you need. Or maybe you could find a better buy now pay later deal on other websites similar to Fingerhut. You should bookmark several sites like Fingerhut to keep your options open and find the best deal. Below we have listed nine sites like Fingerhut to make shopping on credit easier for you.

Sites like Fingerhut

List of Shopping Sites Like Fingerhut:

1. The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel, also known as The Shopping Choice, has a wide range of products and its one of the best shopping sites like Fingerhut. In particular, The Shopping Channel offers a lot of the latest products. Types of items you’ll find on this site include electronics, clothing, jewelry, shoes, home and garden, and health. Although a niche product, they sell coins as well. On The Shopping Channel, you can choose to either pay the full price now or later.

2. MDG Buy Now Pay Later

MDG buy now pay later shop specializes in electronics, such as laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, and TVs. They also offer mattresses and furniture on buy now pay later plans. Shoppers receive up to $3,000 in shopping credit. You are approved or rejected immediately after submitting an application, so there’s no waiting process. Unlike some sites, MDG approves people who have no credit or bad credit. Of course, people who have good credit are approved too.

3. Emporium

Like MDG, Emporium is good for those with no credit. Emporium also approves people who have bad credit and good credit. They have over 100,000 brand name products you can buy on credit. In addition to jewelry and handbags, Emporium sells furniture, appliances, electronics, and instruments. The site also has an automotive category where you’ll find tires, speakers, GPS navigation, and tools.

4. StoneBerry

A great buy now pay later site for gamers is StoneBerry. This site has gaming consoles, video games, computers, and other electronics available. They also sell tools, home decor products, and kids toys. Payments on a buy now pay later plan start at $5.99 per month. Stoneberry has a newsletter in which you can receive exclusive sales and promotions.

5. FlexShopper

FlexShopper is one of the best sites like Fingerhut that welcomes people of all credit levels. It offers high cost products on buy now pay later plans. You can rent to own expensive items over a 12-month period. Whether you need a new cell phone or mattress, you can find good buy now pay later deals. Other types of products FlexShopper sells are computers, tablets, video games, TV & home theater, toys, and furniture. You can even find wheels and tires on the site. To use FlexShopper, you must fill out an online application form. If accepted, you’ll find out what your spending limit will be.

6. QVC

You can buy now pay later at QVC with their Easy Pay service. QVC is one of the best sites like Fingerhut for interesting and innovative products. They have cool gadgets, small appliances, and electronics. Unlike some stores that only have clothing for one body type, QVC sells clothing for petites, plus, and tall. QVC also sells shoes, handbags, backpacks, jewelry, beauty products, and household goods. They have a today’s special value category in which they offer a discount on a certain item.

7. Home Shopping Network

You’ve probably heard of the Home Shopping Network since it’s one of the most popular sites like Fingerhut. HSN specializes in household products, such as cookware and outdoor equipment. They also sell clothing, electronics, and coins. With a Home Shopping Network credit card, you can buy now and pay later. Every day, HSN offers a daily deal under their “today’s special” category. You can buy the item at a discounted rate.

8. Gettington

Gettington offers up to 40% off on comparable items. Sometimes, they offer buy one get one 30% off deals on select merchandise as well. Gettington has over 10 departments to shop for on credit. Examples of their departments include home, furniture, & patio; automotive; clothing, shoes, & jewelry; health & beauty; and electronics & office.

9. Ginny’s

Ginny’s has a high approval rate and low monthly payments. Monthly payments are as low as $10. The site offers a wide variety of items, including laptops, small appliances, gifts for holidays, cookware, and furniture. Ginny’s has a recipes and tips section on their website. You can find tips on home improvement, health and wellness, the kitchen, and entertainment.

Websites Like Fingerhut That Offer Credit: Summing Up

The nine websites like Fingerhut that offer credit are great places when you want to buy something on and you don’t want to pay right away. Although your credit score is usually checked, some sites have high approval rates. MDG and Emporium accept people who don’t have credit scores as well as those with bad credit. What are your favorite sites like Fingerhut to buy on credit? Let us know in the comments below.

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