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Top 6 Free navigation apps for android besides Google Maps: Best Android GPS Apps

If you are not happy with the default navigation app featured in your Smartphone/tablet then you’re in the right place.  Here I’ve listed the top 6 free navigation apps for android besides Google Maps.

We all know that Google Maps is great and most users never see a need for another navigation app. But for some reasons, many users look beyond Google Maps like you! Maybe you’re just curious or navigation geek. For whatever reason, if you would like to know the best alternatives to Google Maps then there are many free options available for you. Without wasting your time, let’s get into our list.

Best navigation apps for android

#6 OsmAnd Maps & Navigation


OsmAnd is a freeware navigation app offers great routing with optical and voice guidance. After installing this app, you need to download a map for your region or the region you intend to drive. However this app doesn’t navigate you to the doorstep of the restaurant or to the precise building that you’ve an interview in, but you’ll get offline navigation to almost all roads (this is great). This app even warns you visually and audibly when you exceed the speed limit. What I feel bad is that a message to download the map will appear at the centre of the screen while you’re navigating using mobile network. Overall, it’s Fast, Stable and Clear navigation app for android devices.

#5 Best navigation app for android: GPS Tracking Pro


This is an excellent app that helps to track your beloved ones, no matter where they are. With the latest GPS tracker technology, it quickly locates people and also it provides real-time location updates without any delays. It even tracks phones; it’s great to identify the missing cell phone’s location. Finally, A must have app for parents to monitor their kids and teens.

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#4 Free android navigation app: GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD


BE-ON-ROAD is another free navigation app based on OSM (OpenStreetMaps). Like OsmAnd app, you have to download maps in your SD card so that you’ll get offline navigation. This app offers multi-language voice navigation, currently it supports 33 languages. This is easy to handle and lets you to save your track records for future references. When you exceed the speed limit, it warns you audibly.

#3 free navigation app for android: GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic


Sygic offers a solid navigation system for your android device. With free version, you’ll get offline navigation, large POI database and free map updates. However in order to get 3D maps, lane guidance, turn by turn voice navigation, speed limit warnings and junction view you have to upgrade this app (premium). The smart mapping feature shows three possible routes for the destination to choose from. Overall, it’s a good navigation app with clever information to follow.

#2 MapFactor: GPS Navigation


MapFactor is one of the best navigation apps for android with excellent customer service. In fact, every feedback is really taken into consideration to improve the effectiveness of the app. This free turn by turn navigation app works using OPM data (OpenStreetMaps). The maps are installed on your SD card so that you’ll get offline navigation (no internet connection needed).

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#1 Best navigation app for android: Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic


I really like the idea of everyone contributing to make each other’s commute a little better. That’s what you do in Waze, you help yourself and others by hazards, traffic, police, weather etc. In fact, Waze is the world’s largest community based navigation app that reroute your destination by using the info that other people share. The only problem is you can’t add things on streets nearby you! You’ve to be on the location to add traffic and other stuffs. Overall, Waze is the best android navigation app that helps to avoid traffic jams and delays on your track.

That’s it folks! It’s time to share your favorite navigation app you’ve used so far and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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