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What’s the difference between LCD and LED TVs?


Of course, while purchasing TV the first question knocks your mind may be whether to buy LCD or LED TV. In fact, newer TVs offer some fabulous features and it makes you harder to decide which TV to buy. If you’re looking for best TV to watch action movies and playing high end games then you should consider this article. Both LED and LCD TVs hold some benefits before discuss those stuffs let’s see what are the major difference between LCD and LED TVs.

Difference between LCD and LED TVs

Power consumption

LED TV utilizes less power and delivers dazzling display with great contrast level. On the other hand, it is very thinner as compared to LCD TV.

LCD TV explores heat but LED TV doesn’t, this is because LCD TV uses light emitting diodes for backlight.

NOTE: The display of LED TV is not an LED display but it uses LED backlit so more technically it should be called as LED-backlit LCD television.

Picture quality

Picture quality is a major difference between LCD and LED TVs but as you see, both TVs (LCD & LED TVs) uses same kind of screen but some people believe LED TV has greater picture quality.

LED TV has better contrast level and black level as compared to LCD TV so LED TV seems to have better picture quality. But keep in mind that, there is no straight answer for this question because the higher-end LCD TV has terrific picture quality compared to lower-end LED TV.

NOTE: LED TV offers more color and accuracy compared to LCD TV. This is because it uses RGB-LED backlighting.

Energy efficiency

LCD TV uses traditional lamps i.e. CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps). By the way, LED TV use energy efficient diodes i.e. LED (Light emitting diodes) for backlighting; which saves more than 20% of energy.

Thin Frame

LCD TV is slimmer as compared to LED TV because Edge-LED backlighting technique makes LCD TV thinner. However, LED TV is 1 inch thicker and both offers good reputation for playing games and watching movies.


The LED TVs are too costly as compared to LCD TVs because LED TVs uses Light emitting diodes instead of traditional CCF lamps.  This is one major difference between LED and LCD TVs.

That’s it. Let us see some pros and cons of LCD and LED TVs.

Pros and cons of LCD TV

Advantages of LCD TV

  • The lifespan of LCD TV is higher than LED TV. It is predicted that LCD TV’s life span is around 30+ years. If you’re looking for durable TV then buy LCD TV
  • The price of LCD TV is bit low compared to LED TV. IF you’re searching for affordable flat screen TV with excellent features then LCD TV suits you.

Disadvantage of LCD TV

  • The contrast level is low and worst panel in terms of performance.
  • Motion blur is possible in LCD TV
  • The color shifting may be possible at some viewer angle.

Pros and Cons of LED TV

Advantages of LED TV

  • LED TV can deliver greater dynamic contrast as compared to LCD TV.
  • LED TV consumes less power than LCD TV so it is energy efficient.
  • It is more reliable TV out of all flat screen TVs.

Disadvantages of LED TV  

  • LED TVs are bit thicker than LCD TVs.
  • It is costlier than LCD TVs. IF you have a decent amount in your pocket then you can buy it.

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