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5 Best IPS monitors for gaming 2014

Of course, it’s a right choice if you’ve decided to buy best IPS monitor for gaming. In fact, it provides numerous benefits for gamers to enhance the gaming experience.  It is a best technology that delivers accurate color schema with best viewing angles. Actually, IPS monitors have slow response time when leaping towards bigger monitors (27” or 30”) so better stay with smaller monitors (24”)

As a gamer, I know that most gamers pay less attention towards monitors as compared to gaming set-ups and video cards but what’s the use of spending huge bucks on powerful graphics card without having a best gaming monitor for enjoying the awesome graphics of modern games.

While choosing gaming monitors, it’s really important to check the connectivity features. Many monitors come with DVI ports but along with that, you’ve to check for HDMI port for connecting satellite box or blue-ray player. However, identifying the best gaming monitor is not an easiest task in this huge crowd so I’ve decided to summarize the 5 best IPS monitors for gaming.

Best IPS monitors for gaming 2014

#5 Best IPS monitor for gaming 2014 – Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (23”)

Price – $$$

The crystal clear display of Dell UltraSharp U2312HM grabs huge attention over gamers. Along with that, DVI port, rotate screen, VGA are some other interesting features of this model. If you are looking for good monitor for gaming at reasonable price, this model is a perfect option.

However, it lacks in HDMI port so gamers should sacrifice this feature in order to enjoy razor sharp display. The impressive 16.7 million colors display delivers rich and accurate style with wide angle gamut. It runs on its native resolution that meets all your gaming criteria.  To enhance your viewing experience and comfort, it comes with Smart stand. This stand is everything you need, it has great height range. Surprisingly, this IPS monitor is featured with 4 USB ports for connecting with external devices.  Overall, it’s a best IPS gaming monitor with no backlight bleeding and dead pixels.

Total score: 87

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#4 Best IPS gaming monitor 2014 – BenQ XL2420TX (24”)

Price – $$$

It is a high performance gaming monitor perfectly suitable for FPS game play. 3D-ready LED monitor delivers a competitive edge with stunning features such as 144 Hz refresh rate, FPS mode, S switch, smart scaling and lots more to create a wonderful gaming environment.

Narrow viewing angle is bit disappointing but it’s acceptable when compared to its features. The presence of Motion blur reduction, Black eQualizer and Low blue light delivers great features for long gaming sessions.  It comes with wide range of connectivity that includes dual HDMI inputs, a Displayport, a DVI and D-sub.  Overall, it’s a great IPS monitor for gaming.

Total score: 88

#3 Best IPS monitor for gaming 2014 – ASUS VS239H-P (23”)

ASUS VS239H-P IPS monitor review

Price – $$$

This is a full HD LED monitor with high contrast ratio that delivers excellent color quality and better image clarity. It comes with a HDMI, a DVI-D inputs and a D-sub for external connectivity. If you’re new to HD monitor why not consider this model, it’s really cheap monitor with great performance compared to its competitive models.

This monitor’s Aspect ratio is 16:10 that delivers a native resolution of 1920*1080. In sRGB mode, the color appears quite cool perfect for gamers to bring realistic feel. This bright IPS gaming monitor has no dead pixels and viewing angles are superb as well. The stand doesn’t give you much flexibility as you expect but overall, it’s a best IPS monitor for gaming and for other graphical works.

Total score: 90

#2 Best IPS gaming monitor 2014 – Dell Ultrasharp U2412M (24”)

Dell Ultrasharp U2412M IPS monitor review

Price – $$$

It’s a good IPS monitor that delivers deep picture and color accuracy. The display runs on native resolution of 1920 x 1200 at a true 60Hz with a great response time perfectly suitable for pro gamers.  It has an easy to navigate OSD with numerous options for customization. Dell Ultrasharp comes with numerous ports i.e. a DVI-D port, a VGA and Displayport plus 1 upstream and 4 downstream USB ports. 

There is no HDMI port and even there is lack in auto-pivot support but considering its price and performance, it is a best option for gaming. The ergonomic stand is excellent, the vertical riser travels over 8” inches up and down. The screen is anti glare so you don’t have to worry about your own shadows or anything while playing. Finally, if you are looking to buy a best IPS gaming monitor with tons of OSD options then, try this model.

Total Score: 92

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#1 Best IPS monitor for gaming 2014 – EIZO Foris FS2333-BK (23”)

Price – $$$

This IPS monitor is specially designed for gamers to enjoy the full scale graphics of modern games. However, it is not a cheap monitor so if you’re obsessive about FPS with a liberal budget, then this might be the best choice for you.

It comes with various smart functions and optical enhancements that help to improve the gaming experience; they can be turned off during normal use. The Smart Resolution feature even increases the contour sharpness of the objects in the screen. This monitor comes with built-in speakers; you can plug your own sound system if you’re not satisfied with it. It has a matte finish that avoids reflections while playing and working. Overall, it is the best IPS monitor for gaming with great performance.

Total score: 94

That’s it folks; these are the best IPS gaming monitors in 2014. If you think this article is useful for you then share this with your friends.

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