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6 Best monitors for gaming 2014: Gaming monitors reviews

If you’re a pro gamer you already know how important is gaming gadgets. In fact, playing games not only requires skills to win but it requires high-performance hardware. Likewise, one such important hardware is your monitor so you’ve to choose that wisely.

While buying gaming monitors, you’ve to consider the picture quality, responsive time, refresh rate, viewing angel, contrast ratio and lots more. If you’re a hardcore gamer want to grab the top position in familiar game titles then it’s necessary to have a best gaming monitor. Choosing such a monitor is confusing due to the presence of numerous models so I’ve framed some ideal monitors for gaming.

Best monitors for gaming

Best Gaming monitor 2014 – Dell S2740L 927M9 IPS LED 27”

Price: $299

best monitor for gaming
This 27 inch monitor is beautifully designed inside and out. The color gamut is great, contrast rate is impressive and the glossy nature of the screen makes the display very vibrant, which is perfect for watching movies and playing games. It uses IPS panel technology to deliver excellent color depth and remains stable from any angle.

Watching movies come alive in cinematic quality at Full HD resolution in a wide screen format (16:9) but what I feel bad is that, the high-glossy panel is very reflective may bother when lights or windows behind you.

Pros: Superb OSD and controls, Great color and viewing angle, stylish and energy efficient.

Cons: Reflections and USD ports are hard to reach.

Overall: Dell S2740L 927M9 is an excellent monitor for gamers with solid performance at affordable price.

BenQ XL2420Z 24 Inch professional gaming monitor

BenQ XL2420Z gaming monitor review

Price: $359

best gaming monitor 2014
BenQ XL2420Z offers high-responsive gaming experience. We all know that, motion blur reduces the comfort level due to poor vision quality but BenQ XL2420Z comes with motion blur reduction technology so that you can enjoy smooth game-play without any issues.

Black eQualizer engine helps to increase the visibility of games in dark scenes. To be honest, you won’t get the accurate color as IPS monitors but with a fine tuning you will get better picture quality than what the factory default offers. With the refresh rate of 144Hz, you can enjoy seamless graphics while playing high-end games.

Pros: Motion blur reduction technology, 144Hz refresh rate

Cons: color reproduction is not up to the mark

Overall: If you’re looking for screen eye comfort gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate then this is the best choice.

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Best PC gaming monitor – ASUS VG248QE

Price: $249

gaming monitor reviews 2014
ASUS VG248QE is one of the finest gaming monitor with numerous features. 144Hz refresh rate makes game more fluid and there is no ghosting when making fast moves in action games. It is featured with wide range of connections that includes HDMI, DisplayPort and Duel link DVI.

Ergonomic stand ensures that it is perfectly suitable for multi-display gaming setup. Fast pixel response is one of the greatest advantages of this monitor and even this monitor offers plenty of brightness while playing to overcome the diming effects of active shutter glasses.

Pros: 144Hz refresh rate, great pixel response

Cons: Bit effort required to tune color profile.

Overall: ASUS VG248QE is one of the best gaming monitor with good performance.

Best monitor for gaming 2014 – Philips 242G5DJEB

Price: $287

best gaming monitors
Philips brilliance 242G5DJEB comes with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution boasts a 144Hz refresh rate for smoother game-play. It is featured with a handy remote, which is used to switch between various profiles settings and also for changing options in the menu.

With the help of SmartKeypad you can easily access your previously saved gaming presents. There is no 3D compatibility but it’s not a big issue. You can find good range of onboard connections with 2 HDMI ports plus VGA, DVI and displayport sockets. In that two HDMI ports, one supports MHL (mobile HD link) for connecting phones and other compatible devices.

Pros: Wide range of connections, Good response time and great contrast level with custom setting

Cons: No 3D compatibility, Need some fine tuning because default factory setting has blue overtone and low gamma.

Overall: It is a perfect gaming monitor with good responsive time.

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Best gaming monitor 2014 – ASUS PB278Q

ASUS PB278Q gaming monitor review

Price: $502

gaming monitor review
This monitor features PLS panel that provides better viewing angels (178° viewing angle on both vertical and horizontal planes that ensures color remains true with no loss of luminance even when you viewed from extreme angles). ASUS PB278Q comes with nicely adjustable stand for comfortable viewing and usage experience.

It doesn’t have any USD inputs, its bit disappointing.  However, it comes with wide range of connections that includes DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, a headphone jack, HDMI and an audio port.

Pros: wide viewing angles, ergonomic stand, great picture quality perfectly suitable for gamers and pro designers.

Cons: No USD ports.

Overall: ASUS PB278Q is a powerful monitor comes with rich features at reasonable price tag.

Best monitor for gaming 2014 – BenQ XL2720Z High Performance Gaming Monitor

Price: $499

best gaming monitor review
XL2720Z is the newest XL series from BenQ holds numerous features for gamers. This monitor never lets your expectations down and takes your gaming experience to new levels with a fast pixel response and dedicated FPS (first person shooter) mode. All new motion blur reduction feature and ZeroFlicker technology brings picture live with great color accuracy and gray-scale performance.

What I feel bad is that, there is some noticeable color shift when viewed from an angle. However it is not a big issue when compared with its features. With 144Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy the complete actions of fast paced games.

Pros: Excellent hardware, 144Hz refresh rate, excellent response time, Nvidia 3D vision

Cons: viewing angle

Overall: If you’re a pro gamer want to feel the serious graphics without smearing, ghosting, or lag then XL2720Z is for you.

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