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What Is the Best Monitor for Photo Editing? Top 5 Best in 2017

The most common question when people want a quality display is what the best monitor for photo editing is. The answer to this depends on personal preferences. However, selecting the best gadget relies highly on the specs it features as well. Our list named only top five monitors that will surely enrich the quality of the owner’s work.

In fact, there are many people whose career is related to graphic and web design. These digital artists definitely need a HI-RES display to carry on their tasks without any issues. Low-cost monitors are suitable for normal users for watching movies and browsing the internet.The following article will go into the best 5 options you can get in 2017.

Why Photo Editing Monitors Are Different from Ordinary Ones

Professionals need special equipment for their Photoshop or other photo editing software. As you know, color-accurate monitors offer realistic reproduction of photographic images. However, the price and performance vary from one product to another.

For ordinary monitors, it’s hard to cut the fine edges. Therefore, you should get at least 1080p screens for photo editing. At the same time, the IPS panel should be absolute, and the color range needs to be at least a billion plus. If you see any photo editing monitors with these specs, you can consider them an ideal fit.

In fact, many people use different gaming monitors for photo editing. However, these can’t always deliver accurate vector paths for editing high-resolution images. This is why it’s preferable to switch to photo editing monitors to enjoy the full-fledged features for high-end editing.

Professional models have a high-end specification. Nonetheless, you should check whether it fits your budget. We’ve tested various professional displays to reveal the best photo editing monitors on the market. For each of them, we’ve also provided a small review, complete with the price and our final score.

Let’s check out the best monitors for photo editing without wasting your time.

#1 Best Monitor for Photo Editing  2017 – Asus PA328Q ProArt Professional Monitor

Price – $909.99

monitorAsus PA328Q is a good monitor for photo editing. It is geared especially towards professional photographers and designers. The wide gamut display offers well saturated, rich colors and best wide viewing angles.

Professionals can work their magic without any hesitation on this display with 3840 x 2160 px resolution. This Asus is also mindful on excesses, so it ensures longer working hours thanks to its Eye care technology. This will make sure the user doesn’t stop from photo editing because of eye fatigue.

The product can easily support 4K/ UHD visuals at 60Hz. On the other hand, this one uses in-plane-switching technology. This means that there is more color on screen so that users enjoy wider viewing angles. Therefore, IPS panels might render a weak glow across edges. Overall, it’s an excellent monitor for photo editing, but it can be seen as an expensive acquisition.

Total score: 94

#2 Best Monitor for Photo Editing 2017 – Samsung U28E590D

Price – $379.99

Samsung U28E590D is a versatile investment with impressive quality for digital artists. This is because it comes in two sizes. Enthusiasts can opt for either a 28-inch screen or go for the 24-inch one. Either way, the specs are almost the same. The only differences are visible at the price tag and the display panel type, the former being a TN while the latter is a PLS.

The stunning experience comes from its ULTRA HB quality with 8 million pixels and 1 billion colors. As such, it can support 4K content with ease. The HDMI Support was upgraded to deliver a 60Hz refresh rate. It works impeccably with both Mac and PC.

The color accuracy is as vibrant as in real life thanks to an sRGB of 100% that offers a full-color gamut. The body frame was carefully designed to not interfere with the creative process. It comes in matte black that has a metallic touch. It is definitely a reliable tool for photo editing activities.

Total score: 92.5

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#3 Best Photo Editing Monitor 2017 –BenQ BL3201PH

Price – $463

desktopThis is the most recommended choice when it comes to a 32-inch monitor that delivers 4K experience. The bezel is sleek to slip in any dual monitor set-up with no difficulties.

The brand is advertising this asset as a first choice for professional designers. This desktop can display over one billion colors, and it enjoys an enlarging 178 degrees viewing angle. The core feature for experts is represented by the innovative CAD/CAM mode. Thanks to it, it is almost impossible for users to miss a thing in this rich graphic information.

Moreover, this product takes multitasking to a whole new level. BenQ has a Display Pilot that allocates the desired proportions for each software within the same monitor. The 32-inch screen can easily divide itself into customizable viewing areas. With a 60Hz capacity, this asset would work wonders together with any photo editors.

Total Score: 91

#4 Best Monitor for Photo Editing 2017 – LG Electronics IPS Digital Cinema 4K Monitor 31MU97-B

Price – $889.38

monitorIt is a perfect photo editing monitor for all pro editors of all types. This 31-inch wide screen brings accurate grayscale performance and color. It can span a 10-bit color depth which generates over one billion of colors. This way, professional artists don’t need to fear color banding anymore. Moreover, the transition between gradients is closer to reality thanks to more shades in between that render more detail in images.

On another note, this product supports Adobe RGB with over 99.5% accuracy. At the same time, 31MU97 works in the background to keep colors’  individuality intact which results in no color loss. This display is capable of reproducing both CMYK and sRBG with ease.

LG  Electronics 31MU97-B has in-built calibration software that is essential for a clear and precise work of an artist. Overall, it’s a good monitor with great response time and resolution perfectly suitable for photo & video editing.

Total Score: 89

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#5 Best Monitor for Photo Editing 2017 – ViewSonic VP2780-4K 27″ IPS 4K 2160p Pro Monitor

Price – $604.99

monitorThis product screams quality even before connecting it. The frame is in an eye-pleasing matte finish with non-intrusive logo. Moreover, it has touch control buttons for a fast setting navigation, yet this area can bee a little too sensitive in the hands of some users.

This monitor does a great job by keeping any IPS glow at bay. The result is pure, natural color which is perfect for any graphic designer to deliver accurate visuals.  The resolution is top-notch at 3840 x 2160 pixels that deliver up to 1.07 billion colors. However, with the right 14-bit 3D table and pre-calibrated Delta, the lucky possessor of such a high-end technology can get even 4.39 trillion colors.

This tool is geared with any cables one can possibly need. It has HDMI 2.0 (which can support3840x2160 images at 60Hz), DVI, display port 1.2a, dual MHL connection for mobile devices, 4-port USB 3.0 to plug in lots of secondary devices. Overall, this is a professional masterpiece worthy of a busy graphic designer and it might be the best monitor for photo editing.

Total score: 86

Final Word

That’s it, folks! These five picks are boasting with top-notch technology that will not fail the professional eye of a digital artist. Especially in the creative industries, it is important to select your tools wisely. They will become the extensions of your career, so these are actually good investments in your own future. If you feel that this article is useful, share this with your friends.

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