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10 Sites Like Thinkgeek to Feed Your Nerdy Side screenshot

Over the years, the geek lifestyle has grown into a living and breathing culture where people of like minds come together and share their ideas and buy geeky merchandise. If you love to visit Thinkgeek because of the toys for adults and stylish clothing and gadgets, you will love some of these sites like Thinkgeek, which include the favorite geeky …

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Best Podcasts of All Time – The Ultimate Ranking

The Bright Sessions logo

Podcasts have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Cited by Convince and Convert, 40% of Americans ages 12+ have listened to a podcast. 67 million Americans listen to podcasts each month, which is an 11% increase from 2016. Want to try listening to a podcast but don’t know where to start? Below we have ranked the best …

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Free Online Plagiarism Checker: Top 5 Options screenshot

A free online plagiarism checker can help you out more than you can imagine. Plagiarism is on the rise and continuing to grow rapidly. With so much information on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for writers to be “unique” when they are writing about the same subjects as millions of other people. This is particularly the case with …

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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

the YouTube Logo in how much money do YouTubers make

Most people think that a successful YouTube channel automatically means good earnings they may be right, but exactly how much money do YouTubers make? Although counterintuitive for many, the truth is, views and subscribers don’t always guarantee a revenue. How Much Money Do YouTubers Make from Ads? The most important element that makes a YouTube channel monetizable is viewer’s engagement …

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Top 4 Sites Like Fiverr

sites like fiverr was certainly a hit when it came out and remains a success story for micro job sellers and buyers. As it happens with huge success stories, plenty of others try to emulate them. This is how a wealth of sites like Fiverr tried to steal the spotlight. What is Assuming you are unfamiliar with the largest online marketplace …

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Parallax Web Design Concept and Examples

Screenshot of scrolling website

Parallax web design is a technique that creates the deception of depth in web pages, by having different elements (or constructs) on the page moving at distinct speeds at the moment the user performs a scroll movement. In this post, we will discuss the basics of what is parallax web design, followed by a look at some websites that generously …

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Best Prank Call Sites

Looking to have a good time with your friends and family? Need a good laugh? Try prank calling! It can be a fun way to tease people, and there are other ways around doing the simple star *67 before calling. There’s so many sites out there that you can use to make it so believable. Some are free and some …

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All There Is to Know About Xfinity TV

xfinity tv schedule

If you want to try something different than Netflix, Comcast is right up your alley. This American mass media and cable company offers many service types. The Xfinity TV is one of them and you should enjoy it as soon as possible. You’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t have just one channel. Their offer is generous and it …

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6 Romantic Comedies on Netflix

romantic comedies on netflix list

Do you want to watch a romantic comedy, but you don’t know which one to pick? Been there, done that. Choosing a movie is frustrating, which is why we should thank the Internet gods for giving us Netflix. We dug through their database recently and we’re happy to report back. The result of our work? Top 6 romantic comedies on …

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Top-Ranked Laptops

Looking for a quality laptop on the market? Look no further than these top of the line devices. Some may seem slightly overpriced to you, but they’re worth every penny and get great reviews from customers who have already purchased them! Most of these devices are new and improved with better screen quality, image resolution, and the light weight aspet. …

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