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Top 5 Biggest TVs in the world

I have seen many people who can’t live without TV in their daily life. As soon as they enter their house, they switched their TV ON. Even though they were busy with some other work, they manage to handle both works simultaneous (Watching TV and Work). This is because; TV is not only an excellent stress buster but also an effective household to know what happens around the world. I have said that, TV is an excellent stress buster then why do people often visit theaters when they can buy movies and watch them in their home? It’s mainly because of the large screens that the cinema offers. In fact, watching movies on large screen makes people more excited and brings extreme joy to them, every movie lovers know this. Nowadays, due to the development of modern technologies, we can experience the luxury to have those big screen TVs in our home. If you’re not aware of what is the biggest TV in the world then you’re in the right place to realize it. Here we’ve listed the top 5 largest TV in the world. When you watch your favorite movies on big TV, it really offers you a breath taking experience and even you can feel that you are a part of that action.  Without wasting your time, let’s get into our list.

[UPDATED May 2014]

Biggest TV in the world #5: Samsung and LG 105”

At 5th position, we have two leading TV brands with 105 inch. That is Samsung and LG.

#5 Samsung 105 inch curved Ultra HD TV (4K)

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Samsung 105 inch curved Ultra HD TV comes with new proprietary picture quality algorithm, which delivers optimized color with great in-depth viewing angle. The curved panels are featured with latest circuit technology, it offers immersive experience while watching movies and playing games. This 105” TV is powered with “Quadmatic Picture Engine” that delivers all content in UHD level picture quality no matter what the source is.

#5 LG 105” Curved TV (4K)

This wider screen TV allows you to enjoy your favorite movies with greater picture quality. On the other hand, the screen is wide enough to display other contents on the side while you watch TV. This TV holds some unique features like if you play videos that are with less cinematic ratio then the TV will automatically perform some novel split screening in order to bring better watching experience.  With the help of WebOS TV, you can access you favorite movie streaming websites directly that includes Netflix, Hulu Plus etc.

Largest TV in the world #4: Sharp 108-inch LB-1085

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Sharp is also one of the largest TVs in the world, which is powered by LCD panel. This panel maintains high quality images even in high resolution. If you install this TV in wide-open space, its large screen helps to maintain better image quality. The Fan-less architecture handles heat without the use of air ventilation fans.

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World’s Biggest TV #3: Samsung 110 inch ultra HD TV

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If Samsung’s 105” TV is not enough for you then consider their 110 inch ultra HD TV. This is one of those new 4K TV with super sharp resolution. Most of the HD TVs in today’s market offers 1,000 pixels but this TV offers 4,000 pixels, which offers great image quality. This TV is powered with Ultra HD (3840×2160) as its native resolution. However, it requires a massive living room to fit in. Samsung claims that their 110” TV is the largest flat screen TV in the world.

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World’s Largest TV #2: Panasonic 152” plasma TV

Panasonic revealed their gigantic 152-inch TV in 2010 and still considered as a largest TV in the world. This flat screen TV has a resolution of 4096×2160, which is 4 times higher than the current full HD TVs and even it comes with 3D compatibility. This TV is featured with cross-talk reduction technology that helps to minimize the amount of overlap between viewers’ right and left eyes.

Biggest TV in the world: C SEED 201”

C SEED is the world’s biggest TV with 201 inch. It uses more than 780,000 LEDs that bring ten times brighter display as compared to normal HD display. The ultra low pixel pitch enhances crystal clear images with true-color even in daylight. This is official confirmed as the world’s largest outdoor TV. The speakers are designed by considering the rigors of outdoor use so it offers great sound quality.

That’s it folks; these are the top 5 biggest TVs in the world. If you have any suggestion regarding this article, then leave us your comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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