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Top 5 Best big screen TVs: Large Screen TV reviews 2014

When it comes to buying a big screen TV then you will get plenty of suggestions but picking the best one is really a hardest part. There are lots of features and factors that you should consider before heading towards cash register that might include type of the TV (LCD, LED or Plasma), Contrast ratio, refresh rate, screen resolution, TV input ports and of course, price. To help you out, here we have listed the top 5 best big screen TVs in the market.

[UPDATED May 2014]

Watching movies on large screen TV delivers you a perfect feel and soul of the movie. Do you ever think why people often move towards theater when they can watch movies in their home? It’s all because of the large screen that the cinema hall offers. Due to the development of technology, now people can enjoy the same feel in their home using big screen TV. But you have to pick the right one in order to experience the terrific feel so we’ve framed the best big screen TVs and listed as follows. Without wasting your time let’s get into our list.

5. Best big screen TV – Sharp LC-70LE650U 70”

Price: $1699

If you’re searching for best big screen TV of 70 inches or above then Sharp is one of the best brands you should consider. Sharp LC-70LE650U offers better overall picture quality than other competing LED TVs. It maintains accurate color and detailed images even in the bright room. It is featured with 120Hz Refresh rate, which offers sharper images even during fast motion scenes.

Duel core processor and built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect with your favorite internet contents instantly. Even though it holds numerous benefits there is some cons too i.e. color shifting may happen in off-angle views. Overall, it’s a best large screen TV at reasonable price.

Total Score: 88

4. Best Large Screen TV – VIZIO M801d-A3R 80 Inch

Price: $3499

This large screen TV is loaded with advanced technologies that help to enhance the picture quality. The effective 240Hz refresh rate and advanced 3D technology delivers smooth, clear and bright picture even in fast action sequences. The wider angle viewing offers immersive 3D experience on movie nights.

Using VIZIO internet Apps you can enjoy latest movies, music, TV shows and lots more made for big screen. There is no physical buttons on TV for last resort controlling options, this is one great disadvantage but overall, it’s a great model values your money.

Total Score: 90

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3. Best Big screen TV 2014: Samsung UN75F6300 75”

Samsung UN75F6300 Big Screen TV review

Price: $2899

Samsung’s UN75F6300 model holds some great features that include super bright LED edge backlight, 120Hz Refresh rate and lots more. The active 3D playback and micro dimming makes this TV to reserve its position in our list. It comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB inputs, which is large enough for the home theater.

Calibration results in excellent color reproduction, which enhances the watching experience. Sound quality lacks in some portion, background music were good but poor with voice. Overall, it’s a best large screen TV with great Smart TV options.

Total Score: 91

2. Best Large Screen TV 2014: Sony KDL-70R550A 70 Inch

Sony KDL-70R550A Large screen TV review

Price: $2199

This Big screen TV offers excellent value, good picture quality, deep black levels and matte screen helps to improve bright room performance. The powerful LED backlight delivers bright and clear images in fast action sequences. 24p cinema processing brings extra life for the movies.

Even though it holds many pros, it has some cons too. Colors are not entirely perfect and Smart TV interfaces are bit confusing. However, if you wish to have a big screen TV with great picture quality then Sony KDL-70R550A is the best choice.

Total score: 94

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1 .Best Big screen TV in 2014: Samsung UN75F7100 75”

Price: $3699

Samsung UN75F7100 delivers accurate color and shadow detail to enhance the picture quality. Strong LED edge lighting offers bright light-flow. The Smart remote control comes with an innovative touch pad and microphone (built-in) that allows you to easily interact with the Smart TV.

Duel core processing speeds up your system and allows you to perform multi task simultaneously. It even helps to enable fast web browsing while playing apps on your Smart TV. The AutoMotion plus produces some unnatural effects on 2D shows and movies but overall it’s a fine big screen TV.

Total Score: 95

That’s it folks! These are the best big screen TVs in the market. If you’ve any suggestions then leave us your comments below.

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