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Top 5 Best Animation Software for Creatives and Beyond

animated character being created with Autodesk Maya

The best animation software lends you a host of valuable tools to create movies, voice act for characters and even design your own characters. Anyone with an interest in animation will explore new landscapes and choose from a vast range of possibilities. You have so many, in fact, that looking on the internet can become a downright intimidating experience. A …

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Top 5 Best Recording Software for Flawless Sound Files

man recording with Pro Tools, one of the best recording software

A digital audio workspace is extremely important to creating crystal clear, flawless sound files. If you find yourself looking for the best recording software available, you might become overwhelmed by the countless options. With so many programs available, which one will result in the best sounding audio? We have listed our top five picks that will produce flawless sound files …

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Top 5 Best Tax Software for Keeping Up with Your Taxes

man in blue shirt sitting in front of a laptop in an office

Tax season is among us and many of you are receiving your W-2s. As you prepare to file your taxes, you might be looking into your filing options. If you are choosing to file your own taxes, you might have noticed that there are several software options. Each one seems to promise a high level of satisfaction but finding the …

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Top 6 Best Video Editing Software for Mac

video editing Mac setup

Video is becoming a huge part of many industries. Therefore, computer users need to have the necessary tools to make professional videos for their personal, school and business projects. One should measure a good video editing program by elements such as price, ease of use, consumer reviews and features. The features are a huge part of what makes a reliable …

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The Best Tablet for Toddlers: Top 5 Options Reviewed

Fire Kids Edition, one of the best tablets for toddlers

With so many entertainment and educational apps being made for toddlers, now is the time to get your little one their very own tablet. Studies have shown that introducing your child to technology at an early age can help with mind development and educational progress. Combined with the apps and games being designed to help develop motor skills and basic …

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Top 5 Online Guitar Tuner Options Reviewed

blonde man in shirt playing guitar

An online guitar tuner is truly a (musical) life-saver. Tuning your guitar is one of the most important foundations for playing great music. Tuning ensures a guitarist can play along to popular music and it trains musicians ears to understand the sounds that come from specific notes and keys. However, there are plenty of times in a guitarist’s life where …

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Top 10 Hubs From Which To Download Free Music Online

woman listening to music

The internet has made it so easy to download free music online. However, downloading a song for free isn’t always legal and can land one in trouble. The good news is that there are several hubs that allow you to download your favorite tracks for free. While most of them are voids of famous artists like David Guetta and Beyonce, …

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Best Prank Call Sites

Looking to have a good time with your friends and family? Need a good laugh? Try prank calling! It can be a fun way to tease people, and there are other ways around doing the simple star *67 before calling. There’s so many sites out there that you can use to make it so believable. Some are free and some …

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Top-Ranked Laptops

Looking for a quality laptop on the market? Look no further than these top of the line devices. Some may seem slightly overpriced to you, but they’re worth every penny and get great reviews from customers who have already purchased them! Most of these devices are new and improved with better screen quality, image resolution, and the light weight aspet. …

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Newest Social Media Channels That You Have Yet to Discover

As most of you know, social media is something that will never really die down or fade away. It’s constantly changing and new sites are popping up all the time. Some people are on-top of the social media world, and know exactly when new sites are being added, but others have no idea. Here’s a list of some undiscovered sites …

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