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Sling TV Channels – Are They Worth It?

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Are you planning on subscribing to Sling TV channels? Well, if you’ve already made up your mind, you might want to step back a little and rethink your position. However, more about that in a few moments. For now, let’s look more closely at what Sling TV offers. In this analysis of this newest TV streaming service, we aim to …

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Top 5 Best GPS Tracking Device under $50

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Having a good GPS tracking device is no longer just a question of comfort and a clear mind. It’s becoming something extremely important – both for businesses trying to keep their fleet under the radar and for personal use. To help you get a good idea of how to choose such a complex device, we’ve made this small list. The …

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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker under $40

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If you think you’re going to suddenly stop annoying your neighbors after you buy a Bluetooth shower speaker, then you’re in denial. Having a Bluetooth shower speaker won’t magically make you stop signing while in the bathroom. On the contrary – it will make you sing louder. So, ponder this issue more seriously before you actually decide on buying one …

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What the Cricket Wireless Reviews Are Saying

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We know you’ve been asking and we’re here to the rescue: what are the Cricket Wireless reviews saying? Well, first of all, they’re saying nice things about the new contender on the market of prepaid wireless providers. However, there are a few bad sides to Cricket wireless deals as well. So, we’ve decided to make our own Cricket Wireless review: …

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Top 3 Best Games for PS4 in 2015

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The best games for PS4 in 2015 include some well-known franchises as well as some new daring additions which have made users anxious to see what the future will bring. A lot of incredible titles hit the PlayStation gaming platform over the year of 2015. Many of these titles will probably go on to become classics of the console gaming …

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Nook vs Kindle: Battle of the E-readers

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First of all, we should start by saying that this Nook vs Kindle battle may not be such a fair fight. Nook presents itself to readers with only a single dedicated device and several Samsung-made, Nook-enhanced tablets. Amazon’s Kindle, on the other hand, has several types of devices, all made by them and all specifically designed for reading in the …

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Logitech Harmony Reviews: Keeping your Life in Sync

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Have you ever wished for your devices to be in complete harmony? Well, now it’s not just a dream! With Logitech Harmony you can control everything in your house. Well, at least everything digital. In fact, this miracle remote has been around ever since 2001, but with the new advents in technology and as more and more devices in your …

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What Is a Bitcoin Worth?

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What Is a Bitcoin worth? The answer: more than you’d think! Right now, a single bitcoin is worth almost $450. Specifically, it’s $449.92 – and it’s only expected to rise. Early predictions place its top 2016 value at close to $650. However, when dealing with bitcoins, it’s important not to trust articles on the web. One of the most important …

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What Happens during PSN Maintenance?

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A recent online poll has asked online users to voice their opinion on PSN Maintenance. Given that the PlayStation Network is a paid subscription service, it would be only logical for people to be outraged when it crashes. The poll asked whether Sony needs to improve its PSN or not. The majority of respondents (81%) agreed, while just 19% though …

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